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The popular carsharing apps

Nov 25, 2020

This year the number of apps available on the market broke through the 3 million mark. Some of them are from carsharing providers. Demand for shared cars is especially keen in towns and cities. There are 25,400 carsharing vehicles in Germany alone.

The German fleet has grown by 5,200 vehicles since 2019 (+ 25.7 percent). According to the German Carsharing Association (bcs), there are currently 226 carsharing providers in Germany making their cars available to the public at 840 sites. A total of 2.29 million customers are registered across the country. Sharing cars undoubtedly brings two key advantages: first, it is more environmentally friendly and second, it can be cheaper than running your own car – depending on your mobility patterns. Carsharing is more efficient than leaving your own car unused for several hours a day, and it has less impact on urban regions. As demand for carsharing rises, the providers are expanding their offers. You should get to know these apps.

SIXT share

The providers of SIXT share promise users an unlimited choice of cars and duration of use at any SIXT station. Customers can choose from a wide range of vehicles, try out new models, and decide on their favorites. SIXT share is available throughout Germany. When the rental is over, the driver parks the car either within designated areas on any street, or else at a SIXT station.

SHARE NOW (car2go & Drive Now)

SHARE NOW was formed by the merger of car2go and Drive Now. The fleet comprises various models from BMW and Mercedes. This gives customers an opportunity to try out a car that they always wanted to drive. SHARE NOW has the largest electric carsharing fleet in Europe.


VW’s WeShare offers 100% electric carsharing in Berlin. The company has 1,500 electric cars available in the Germany capital. It also offers a 24-hour rental tariff for longer journeys. And there is a bonus for families: every car comes with a child booster seat. Anyone who has never driven an electric car before will be delighted by the acceleration and quiet operation.


MILES Mobility now operates in five German cities. The difference from the other providers is that MILES charges for the kilometers driven and not for the duration of the rental. That is very appealing in urban areas like Berlin and Hamburg. The scheme offers not only passenger cars but also vans. In Cologne, Düsseldorf and Munich only vans are available – so deliveries can be made at short notice.


You can use the BlaBlaCar app to search for rides in Germany and Europe, or to offer someone else a seat in your car. Passengers pay a fixed price for the route. Every member of BlaBlaCar has their own profile in the community, enabling the driver and the passenger to communicate before departure, for example to agree on a meeting place. Passengers and drivers can also leave ratings. To contact a driver, leave a rating or offer a ride, you will have to create an account or connect the app with Facebook.