© Deutsche Alpenstraße, Fotograf: Ralf Gerard

The most beautiful routes through Germany

Jun 21, 2021

Discovering the country by car, motorhome or motorbike: Together with the German automobile association ADAC, we present a selection of the most beautiful routes through Germany.

Germany has plenty to offer. Whether you want the sea, mountains, or extensive lowlands – there is a variety of different countrysides here, waiting to be experienced. And there are all kinds of routes devoted to particular themes that snake their way across the country. Be it the Märchenstraße, Fachwerkstraße, Alleenstraße, Alpenstraße or Route der Rheinromantik, the right inspiration to suite every taste can be found here. ADAC has assembled the best dream routes, with detailed recommendations, on its website. Here’s a selection of them:

Deutsche Alpenstraße (German Alps Route)

On its picturesque journey from west to east, the route begins in Lindau and ends in Berchtesgaden, traveling via Oberstaufen, Füssen, Oberammergau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bad Tölz, and the Tegernsee and Chiemsee lakes. What is fascinating about this route is the varied countryside, the rhythm of rich mountain pastures, gentle hills and steep mountain peaks, green forests, romantic valleys and glittering lakes.

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Route der Rheinromantik (Rhine-Romantic Route)

The Rhine valley, and particularly the UNESCO World Heritage site of the “Upper Middle Rhine Valley”, is considered one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. The special aspect of the Middle Rhine lies in the fact that nature’s melodramatic panorama served simultaneously as backdrop to the display of human passions and fates, providing the inspiration for the works of the Rhine Romantics, which have long attracted people from all around the world to this area and continue to do so. This important epoch in German history, packed with incident, and giving rise to countless famous works of architecture, literature and music, is there to be experienced on the Rhine-Romantic Route – by car, ship, on foot or by bike.

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Deutsche Alleenstraße (Tree-lined Avenues Route)

Traveling beneath shady trees is a unique experience: The often seemingly endless rows of these green giants convey a sense of protection, give the gift of fresh air and sometimes also provisions for your trip, and repeatedly offer up fresh perspectives – at all times of the year. From Rügen Island in the north to Lake Constance in the south, the routes snake their way through a total of ten Federal states, and in doing so they cross some of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Germany. The total of just under 3,000 kilometers of tree-lined avenues afford the traveler an insight into the fascinating diversity of Germany.

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Deutsche Weinstraße (German Wine Route)

Gentle wine country, luxuriant fruit orchards, the Palatinate Forest with its peaceful valleys and murmuring streams, and a Mediterranean climate – that’s the German Wine Route. Germany’s first wine tourism route starts in the north near Bockenheim (close to Worms), and ends after around 85 km at the French border in Schweigen-Rechtenbach.The picturesque villages are an open invitation to drive through them at walking pace, or even to stop off and enjoy them on foot.

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Romantische Straße (Romantic Route)

From the Baroque splendor of the Residence in Würzburg to the fantasy castle of Neuschwanstein, near Füssen: The Romantic Route fascinates visitors on a journey through time into the past, particularly in the many Medieval towns along the Route. The countryside changes as you travel the 460-kilometer route from north to south: river valleys, productive farmland, forests, meadows and finally the mountains.

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Deutsche Märchenstraße (German Fairytale Route)

The German Fairytale Route, covering some 600 km, runs from Hanau via Steinau and Marburg to Kassel, taking in key locations in the lives of the Brothers Grimm and continuing on the trail of the Bremen town musicians down the River Weser. Their fairy tales, from the world’s most well-known book in German cultural history, reveal their magic as you travel the route, and here and there a goblin or some other fairytale character may pop up to surprise you.

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Badische Weinstraße (Baden Wine Route)

Adventurers with a taste for wine are sure to delight in the imposing views over vineyards and sun-drenched valleys as they travel this route. Countless castles and palaces invite the traveler to stop off, and winemaking villages with their crooked streets, impressive farmsteads and modern wine-growing architecture are always worthy of a visit. Welcoming winemakers extend an all-year round invitation to friendly wine festivals, wine tastings or holiday stays on the vineyard. Along the wine route, on “Badens Schlemmerstraße” (Baden’s Gourmet Route), there are many award-winning inns and restaurants recommended for their culinary delights and regional specialties.

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Straße der Romanik (Romanesque Route)

Even today, original witnesses to history and the art of the Middle Ages can be marveled at on this tourist route, which runs for over a thousand kilometers. The Romanesque Route connects 73 places between Arendsee in the north and Zeitz in the south, taking in 88 Romanesque cathedrals, churches, castles, monasteries and palaces, all telling of the political and economic importance of present-day Saxony-Anhalt during the Middle Ages. The route covers the entire Federal state, in a figure-of-eight. Magdeburg forms the mid-point, dividing the whole into a northern and a southern route.

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Deutsche Fachwerkstraße (German Timber-Framed Buildings Route)

This route runs from the river Elbe in the north to Lake Constance in the south, in seven regional sections crossing the Federal states of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Hessen, Thuringia, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, and it numbers 105 member towns along the way. It connects a heritage of timber-framed buildings that is unique worldwide in quality and quantity, arranging these into delightful sections one after another, as tourist highlights. Over more than 3000 kilometers, this cultural route guides the traveler through over 700 years of history of timber-frame construction, running past imposing town halls and market squares, proud town-houses and picturesque streets, all nestling in beautiful countryside.

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Bier- und Burgenstraße (Beer and Castles Route)

Set amidst beautiful natural parks, along romantic rivers and valleys, the Beer and Castles Route is an experience of a piece of Germany’s history. Mighty fortified castles, lovingly-restored palaces and significant ruins along the B 85 convey a living history. And because resting up is also a part of what defines traveling, traditional inns en route extend a friendly invitation to stop off. And for all those who appreciate the hospitality that surrounds beer, there is an opportunity to compare the skills and artistry of the Thuringian and Bavarian master brewers.

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