The latest trends in e-bikes

Feb 4, 2021

The market for e-bikes is booming – be they off-road or long-distance bikes, mountain or city bikes, racing or cargo models. At the beginning of 2020, 4.3 million households in Germany owned at least one electric bicycle. According to the Federal Statistical Office, this means that around one household in nine (11.4%) had at least one e-bike. At the beginning of 2015, electric bicycles were to be found in 1.5 million households. So the number of private households with an e-bike has almost trebled over the last five years. Read more to find out which e-bikes are the trendiest in 2021.


The Turbo Vado SL from Specialized weighs about 14.9 kilograms, which is around 40 percent less than many other e-bikes. The advantage in everyday use is that the owner can easily lift it off a hook on the wall, carry it down the stairs, or take it onto a train – without breaking out into a sweat. The specially developed, quiet Specialized motors assist the rider and disengage when the bike exceeds a speed limit or is used in "Off" mode, to avoid unnatural resistance. The 320-Watt battery has a range of 130 kilometers. A range extender with 160 W can also be added, to guarantee another 60 kilometers. Extra bright, integrated front and rear lights ensure that the rider can see and be seen. The Turbo Connect Display makes it easy to view the information about a trip. Furthermore, the fast-rolling, high-grip Pathfinder tires are good for riding both on and off asphalted roads.

Riese & Müller

The Packster 70 from Riese & Müller is the manufacturer’s response to the current trend in cargo bikes. The bike has a modular construction and is equipped with a cable-operated steering system that ensures the smallest possible turning circle and simultaneously the greatest storage space. Furthermore, the Packster 70 has a new loading concept, and its many safety features and RX Chip are fitted as standard, so it is suitable for families and businesses. The new modular cargo platform paves the way for future models and options.


Fazua’s drive system is suitable for gravel, roads, MTB, urban, fitness and kids’ bikes, and is used by over 40 bicycle manufacturers.

The Battery 250 was designed to perfectly combine light weight with endurance. It weighs 1.4 kg – about the same as a large bottle of water.

  • Capacity: 252 Wh
  • Voltage: 36 V
  • Weight: 1.4 kg

Light, integrated, natural and hybrid: the evation is a light, compact mid-mounted drive system. The slender battery is integrated directly into the tube. So the bikes look almost like their unmotorized cousins. The riding feel has no unnatural resistance at speeds above the legal limit, which makes the system ideal for riders with sporting ambitions. And thanks to a downtube cover, the bike can also be used without any assistance from the electric motor.

  • Capacity: 252 Wh
  • Voltage: 36 V
  • Weight: 1.4 kg

Rose Bikes

The XTRA Watt Evo Allroad from Rose Bikes is regarded as a sporty urban e-bike. The minimalistic model is available in men’s (19-25 inch), women’s and unisex models (17-23 inch). Customers can choose between the colors matt silver, matt petrol and shiny white. The e-bike is equipped with a Bosch Power Tube 500 battery. The developers chose a clean design characterized by a carbon fork, internal cable routing and a carbon drive belt. It also boasts a luggage rack, mudguards, rear light, Bosch Kiox display, a battery with a carbon cover. The manufacturer also says the wide tires will ensure a comfortable ride. The XTRA Watt Evo Allroad also comes with an infinitely variable Enviolo gear change. That means the drive system shifts automatically from one gear to another, depending on the pedaling frequency. The designers won the Design & Innovations Award in the “Urban 2020” category.

Pexo GmbH

The HUSQVARNA Mountain Cross 5 is an allrounder and one of the brand’s most popular e-bikes. The Mountain Cross models are equipped with the new Shimano EP 8 motor that offers sufficient power both on mountain excursions and on demanding trails. The battery has a capacity of 630 W. The bike has flatter handlebars and wheels of different sizes. Both aspects improve the handling on challenging terrain. The large front wheel (29”) with its better rolling behavior assists the rider in covering difficult routes and loose ground. The smaller rear wheel (27.5”) still allows fast changes of direction and agile handling.

R RAYMON Fourray E 1.0

The R RAYMON FourRay E 1.0 is an e-mountain bike with 24-inch wheels for children who are at least about 1.35 meters tall. The Suntour rear-wheel drive with a 250-Watt output and lithium-ion battery provides an easy way for young riders to get started on pedelecs. The Suntour suspension fork with 80 mm of travel enhances the experience – by simply riding over stones and roots. In addition, the e-bike has integrated hydraulic disc brakes by Tektro and Shimano’s Altus chain shift with eight gears.

R RAYMON Crossray E 8.0

The CrossRay E 8.0 is the new model in the CrossRay series from R RAYMON. It is a cross between a mountain bike and a trekking bike. As its equipment complies with the German Road Traffic Regulations, it is also suitable for everyday trips. The Yamaha PW-X2 drive unit and the integrated battery supplying 630 W guarantee both power and endurance. The CrossRay E 8.0 has 27.5” wheels fitted with wide Schwalbe Johnny tires. The bike also has hydraulic Tektro disc brakes and an SR Suntour suspension fork with 80 mm of travel. There is a practical, robust aluminum luggage rack with MIK – a click system for adding and swapping accessories simply and securely.


The Addict eRIDE from Scott is a road e-bike that supports experienced riders but is also suitable for beginners. The bike’s proportions are comparable to those of a normal racing bike, and the battery is almost invisible. The light model has no resistance from the motor when the user is pedaling over 25 km/h (rider assistance up to 25 km/h) or when the support is switched off. This means it is possible to ride the bike like a normal bicycle. Mechanical and electrical shifting systems are integrated. The bike’s designers decided to go for a clean appearance. Tour de France fans are already familiar with this kind of look from the unmotorized Pro Tour Bike SCOTT Addict RC. But the Addict eRIDE’s purist design does not make it less digital. It has Bluetooth and can be controlled via an app.


Ride, Fold, Grab & Go. That is the motto of the PAUL-E by Bergamont. The bike is equipped with a Shimano E5000 drive unit. Here the manufacturers have focused on flexibility, so the bike is easily folded and carried by hand if necessary. It folds down to a minimum of 90 x 45 x 80 cm, perfect for being stowed away. The unisex folding e-bike is therefore good for the daily commute or for longer journeys. Development of the model also concentrated on the best possible maneuverability and on rider safety.