Sustainability Lounge at the IAA MOBILITY to host discussions of key topic: sustainability

The Sustainability Lounge presented by PwC will bring together businesses, top thought leaders and a public of senior trade professionals at the IAA MOBILITY (September 7 to 12) to discuss what is probably the most important topic of our time: sustainability. The program will be hosted by the internationally renowned mobility expert Hans-Peter Kleebinder.

Mobility expert Hans-Peter Kleebinder

The Sustainability Lounge occupies a top spot in Hall B3 and forms the heart of the IAA MOBILITY Summit. “Mobility transformation, the circular economy and climate goals – all the important discussions of our time focus on sustainability. That is the overarching theme, driver and common denominator for all players in mobility. For this reason, at the IAA MOBILITY we want to engage in dialog with thought leaders, firms and experts, and send out signals to the whole world about sustainable mobility that is viable for the future,” says Hans-Peter Kleebinder.

Following his research into “Mobility and Public Opinion Formation in Europe,” the mobility expert has spent over 20 years working in the automotive industry – in many prominent positions (including General Manager of Mini Deutschland, CMO Audi Germany and Head of BMW Group Zukunftswerkstatt). Hans-Peter Kleebinder’s current roles include director of studies for the Executive Program CAS SMART Mobility Management driven by SMART Cities and SMART Data at the University of St. Gallen, and member of the Global New Mobility Coalition curated by the World Economic Forum.

As an international futurologist and thought leader for #SMARTMobility, #SMARTCity and #SMARTData, Kleebinder will host the Sustainability Lounge program at the IAA MOBILITY. His idea is that the Lounge, consisting of conference and networking areas, should become a dialog platform and content hub for the topic of sustainability. The Sustainability Lounge is presented by the world-renowned auditing and consulting firm PwC. At several “happenings” with top-level speakers, PwC will put innovative, sustainable and viable mobility firmly in the spotlight. Thought leaders from the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome have also been requested to join the Sustainability Lounge as discussion partners.

Leading companies from the most varied fields around the world, like LinkedIn, Drees & Sommer, Xpeng, the network “Frauen verbinden”, the federally owned Autobahn GmbH and the French startup Tallano, have booked slots in the Sustainability Lounge. “We are open for more partners who want to advance the topic of sustainable future mobility,” says Kleebinder. The official IAA MOBILITY Conference program will contain details of the events and speakers at the Sustainability Lounge.

Four 90-minute panel events followed by discussions are scheduled for each day of the IAA MOBILITY (September 7 to 12). In the Sustainability Lounge, every day will begin with a morning briefing – moderated by the journalist and ARD TV presenter Anja Kohl, for example. “We offer the best possible atmosphere and the right discussion partners to provide information and create a dialog on sustainable and viable mobility for the future. What’s more, we have the best espresso at the IAA MOBILITY,” Kleebinder promises.