The programming competition on the topic of mobility is all about inclusion and rural areas in the transport revolution. Interested parties can still apply until August 25.

Mobilitython is not only a rapid prototyping competition focusing on Open Innovation and Open Data, but also a unique, haptic experience for Data Science. Within 14 days, the participating teams develop a solution approach for socially relevant issues of the partners FREE NOW and The focus is on real everyday problems, not abstract topics far away in the future. 

The partners provide a six-figure budget for the subsequent implementation of the ideas in everyday company life. The Mobilitython therefore offers a completely new form of competition. 

The competition is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, the IAA MOBILITY, the German Energy Agency GmbH with the Future Energy Lab, The Impact.Farm as SME Company Builder with a focus on Data Science and the Red Bull Basement.

You want to participate?

The competition is aimed at professionals from the IT/IT sector. This includes, for example, PhD students, freelancers, university graduates, young experienced or even startups. Coding knowledge is not mandatory. The challenges are designed in such a way that they can be solved on a part-time basis. 

Individual teams can still apply until August 25. Teams will then receive the challenge on August 30 and have 14 days to solve it. The competition takes place virtually. The final sprint and the finale can be experienced physically at the IAA MOBILITY in parallel. Participants receive a free ticket plus catering and can attend all Conference and Summit events. 

Apply now: - participation is free! You can apply as an individual or as a team. Virtual teams will be created from the individuals by the Mobilitython team. 

All participants have the chance to win prizes worth a total of €15,000. and FREE NOW have also agreed to reward the winning solution with a follow-up commission, depending on the degree of maturity. In this way, the winning teams will be integrated into the existing business or supported in their spin-off.

The Challenges

FREE NOW Challenge

How can an inclusive route planning of a car sharing provider look like that also works for people with mobility impairments? For example, by taking into account wheelchair transport or barrier-free mobility to senior citizens' homes in rural areas? Challenge

How can bicycles communicate smartly with each other and develop application that lead to more inclusion? From automated fall detection to smart health and theft insurance to newly created functions for handbikes of wheelchair users.

The Mobilitython at IAA MOBILITY

You will find the Mobilitython opposite the VDA booth in Hall A2. Adjacent to the publicly accessible area of the stand is the closed-off Hacking Zoo. Only the participating teams have access to it. To enable visitors and hackers to talk to each other, numerous presentations and talks will be held in the adjacent Red Bull area.