3 questions for IAA visitor Franzi Jung

Sep 16, 2019

Franzi Jung from northern Germany visited the IAA 2019 on the first public weekend. In the interview she tells us about her experiences and why she is coming to Frankfurt again this week.

Is this your first time at the IAA?

To be honest, I had never been to the IAA before. But the reports over recent months made me curious. Then on Friday a friend and I spontaneously decided to come and I didn’t regret it. There really is more on show than you ever read about: interactive presentations of e-bikes, small electric vehicles like the cute Honda e and Volkswagen’s smart ID.3, concept cars and VR simulations – not just sports cars with powerful engines.

What were your personal highlights?

Definitely the presentation area in the Festhalle, which covers several levels. I’m always amazed by trade show constructions. Another highlight is the Offroad Parcours with a large number of different Jeeps and SUVs, which I would never drive in private life. It’s difficult to choose which one to ride in. And the autonomous shuttle bus going around Hall 10 without a driver is also an experience. I once had a ride in a vehicle like that in Paris.

What did you not manage to do?

Being a passenger on the Test Drive, and Halls 9 and 11. But I’m coming back to Frankfurt in the second week of the IAA. This time I’m bringing my boyfriend, who now also wants to come here. I already have the admission tickets. My tip is the cheap travel offer from Flixbus.