Full E-Power Ahead!

The number of electric vehicles on the roads has risen sharply – and this development is going to accelerate. Roger Atkins, an expert on electric vehicles, explains what is important when it comes to electrification.

This “speed record” has even surprised some experts: the number of electric vehicles on our roads has risen sharply over recent years. For example, Germany recently reached its target of one million electric vehicles, as set by the Federal Government. At the beginning of August, Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs, announced, “For the first time, one million electric vehicles are now traveling on German roads.”

In 2019, the proportion of electrified cars in the total global market was only around 8 percent, but the figure had risen to 12 percent by 2020. The trend was further reinforced in the early part of 2021, according to the automotive and mobility experts at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in their recent study that appeared in April of this year: here

“The automotive industry is shifting toward electric vehicles (EVs) even faster than we envisioned only a year ago.”

Study finds that by 2026 more than half of all light vehicles will be electrified 

As developments will “accelerate dramatically” in the coming years, according to the authors of the BCG study, they have updated their forecast from last year. They now predict that by 2026, more than half of all light vehicles sold anywhere in the world will be electrified – i.e. four years earlier than previously expected. 

All this comes as no surprise to Roger Atkins, an electric-vehicle expert and founder and CEO of the consultancy Electric Vehicles Outlook Ltd.

When things change faster than you think

A quote from the German economist Rüdiger Dornbusch neatly sums up the current shift to e-mobility, Roger Atkins said at the IAA’s recent Mobility Masters Talk where he discussed electrification with Dan Ram. 

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“Things take longer to happen than you think they will, and then they happen faster than you thought they could,” Dornbusch said long ago, speaking about the economy in general.

Hitlist of mobility trends

Roger Atkins on his personal hitlist of mobility trends (“It begins with the word ‘electric’”), concerning what will be important in electrification – and, like Formula 1, how it can offer technical solutions to everyday problems. That is also covered in this IAA Mobility Masters Talk.

At the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich, Roger Atkins, who has spent 33 years in the automotive sector and during the last 15 years has specialized in e-mobility, will present this panel discussions entitled