Electrifying E-Bike Adventures @ IAA 2019

Let's ride! At our new, big IAA E-Move Track you can experience how e-bikes and e-scooters are becoming the perfect assistants in our everyday lives and keeping people on the move.

Europeans love their cars – as is repeatedly shown by the statistics. But bicycles are also hugely popular. Just Germany has about 100,000 kilometers of cycle paths. The only question is which bike to use. The choice is huge. And right now the trend is e-bikes. There are models for sports enthusiasts, commuters, weekend trippers, fair-weather cyclists and for children – there is something for everyone who enjoys cycling. At the IAA 2019 (from September 12 to 22), for the first time the “Agora” will have an open-air circuit for e-bikes on an area of 1,500 square meters. Visitors can get “on their bikes” and put the latest models from well-known brands through their paces. BMW, Bosch, Brose and Skoda, among others, will present their latest developments. On a track length of 125 metres, the drivers have to master steep bends, a rumble strip and terrain boxes. There is also a selection of e-scooters from Bird and Circ.

Der E-Bike-Parcours @ IAA 2019
Der E-Bike-Parcours @ IAA 2019

Boom in e-bikes

E-bikes have become a common sight on today’s roads – whether you’re in San Francisco, Beijing or Tel Aviv. Electric bicycles glide along generating little noise and zero emissions. Furthermore, the technology used in bikes is becoming more and more advanced and includes voice control, GPS display, etc. Modern lithium rechargeable batteries enable ranges of up to 100 kilometers. In Germany the number of e-bikes has been rising steadily, and in 2019 it broke through the 4.5 million mark for the first time. In major cities you can even rent an electric bike using an app.

The new trend: e-scooters

Let’s face it, nobody really enjoys the walk home from the bus-stop. Or from the subway station to the office. This is where the agile electric scooter comes into its own as an alternative to a bicycle or e-bike. It is the perfect means of urban transport. Scooters fitted with electric motors are already common in many European towns and cities. E-scooters can simply be folded up if they need to be stowed in a car or taken on a train. This makes e-scooters perfect for urban mobility – especially in chronically congested cities. E-scooters will be allowed on public roads in Germany starting in mid-July 2019.

The slogan of the IAA 2019 is “Driving Tomorrow.” So it will be exciting to see what innovations concerning micro-mobility will appear this year. Order your ticket and discover the biggest mobility event of the year.