Cristiano Amon: 5G technology paves the way to the digital future of the automobile

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Qualcomm Incorporated, Cristiano R. Amon outlined exciting scenarios at the first IAA MOBILITY in Munich: in a well-received keynote on "Accelerating the digital Future of Automotive", the US-American showed how "we are now at the beginning of a decade of opportunity thanks to 5G technology."

In Amon's view, 5G is essential for digital transformation - with "billions of devices and things, on-demand cloud computing, edge AI and as a unified global standard". The visionary outlined how 5G and other advanced technologies will transform the car industry by making vehicles smarter, more connected and safer: "The car is being transformed!

He made it clear that "5G is an integral part of the future of the automobile", that the technology is comparable to roads in terms of its importance for cars - and that it is accelerating the transformation that has already begun. "This transformation affects all aspects of the automotive industry," Amon emphasized: "Manufacturing - Sales and maintenance - Automaker Services - In-car experience - Transportation System".

And it will "open up great opportunities for the car industry". With a view to the "use-case navigation", for example, the Qualcomm CEO illustrated that "in future, the car will be integrated into a network". "Navigation today" is fundamentally different from "navigation tomorrow" because information will be available in real time, said the Qualcomm CEO: "5G will connect the infrastructure with the car".

On the keyword "digital cockpit", the Qualcomm CEO was convinced: "Thanks to 5G technology, the car will become a service hub for car manufacturers". To achieve this, however, the car needs a new architecture, according to Amon, "the introduction of a digital chassis" is therefore the future. Which, according to Amon, will also change the "in-car experience" - "really exciting times, then!"

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