Communication without speed limit - the 5G network at IAA MOBILITY

Munich: IAA MOBILITY is coming. 5G is here to stay.

IAA MOBILITY is a trade show that brings together modernizers and aims to highlight modernization potential across the entire field of mobility. Moreover, the new concept of IAA MOBILITY does not limit the events to the trade show as a single, enclosed location, but it is also present in the city center.

To implement this ambitious project, communication is needed, fast communication. Networking is also the buzzword here.

Fast mobile networks are the prerequisite for smart, sustainable mobility. It is therefore fitting, and at the same time a foretaste of the future for many people, when, on the occasion of the IAA MOBILITY, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica Deutschland /O2, in cooperation with Messe München, launch one of the most advanced public 5G networks at the Summit site at Messe and in downtown Munich.

A high double-digit number of new 5G sites will be implemented in the city area by the start of IAA MOBILITY. In addition, there will be further macro sites for basic coverage in the outer areas of Messe München. This will make 5G a tangible reality at all venues, including the Open Spaces and the BLUE LANE sustainability test track.

In just eleven months, one of the most modern public 5G networks was thus set up for Messe München. Including a complete reconstruction of the entire antenna infrastructure at the trade fair center. The 5G spectrum used by the three network operators ranges from 800 megahertz frequencies, which bring 5G particularly well into buildings, to 3.7 gigahertz frequencies, which provide maximum bandwidths.

Hildegard Müller, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry: "Digitalization is the big step in the transformation of mobility. 5G is not only expected by smartphone users; this new technology creates an important prerequisite for the mobility of the future. With intelligent traffic control and with increasingly connected and automated vehicles, we are creating more safety, more freedom for drivers and also more climate protection. The 5G network at IAA MOBILITY creates the prerequisite for experiencing this digital mobility of tomorrow."

In this way, IAA MOBILITY also fulfills its claim as a modernization driver, because parts of the 5G network established on the occasion of the trade show will remain with the city of Munich after the show.