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IAA MOBILITY Masterminds: Bastian Raschke

Aug 24, 2021

The Head of Automotive, Mobility & Travel, tells us in an interview how Facebook is working with the automotive industry to help companies increase their visibility and boost their growth at the same time.

Facebook at IAA - what can we expect?

We are part of the IAA with a diverse programme ranging from high-profile keynotes to masterclasses. Our speakers include Facebook's Vice President Central Europe Angelika Gifford, our Global Head of Automotive Arash Yomtobian and Tino Krause, Country Director DACH. We are especially aware of the mobility challenges of the future and thus this is also reflected in our programme at the IAA. In our keynotes, we look at the challenges of marketing and selling electric cars, building a full-funnel digital business and the opportunities presented by future technologies such as the Metaverse. The masterclasses offer inspiration and practical guidance on the topics of digitalisation, electrification, branding and augmented reality (AR) in the automotive and mobility industry.


How does Facebook work with the automotive industry?

In line with this year's IAA motto "What will move us next", we see the future of mobility as electric, digital and connected. We are very excited to support our partners in mastering the industry's transformation by working with them on digital strategies for marketing and sales. Our mission is to help businesses grow and reach new markets and audiences. To do this, we use the latest studies and insights and advise our partners on the best advertising solutions and ways to measure success for their goals.

What are these solutions? How can Facebook support manufacturers and retailers with its services?

Facebook is a full-funnel marketing solution – this means that through our platforms, brands and businesses achieve their marketing goals across the entire marketing funnel. This ranges from increasing brand awareness to presenting the right products and services to concrete actions for users. For the automotive industry, we see the greatest opportunities in an even more data-driven, automated approach to digital marketing – parallel to the approach in e-commerce.


Keyword AR - To what extent can new technologies further revolutionise the industry? The way people will connect with each other in the future is already being shaped today - and AR is one of the key technologies for the coming years. For brands, it enables them to create content that contains new levels of context, meaning and emotion. Seamless integration with Facebook and Instagram is happening more and more, and the quality and user experience has improved rapidly. 82% of users have already used AR on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, 75% of business leaders say they are open to the use of AR.


What changes are you observing in the automotive industry?

The traditional visit to the car dealership is still part of the car buying experience for many. But social media provides inspiration and information. And they are also becoming increasingly important for sales in the automotive sector. Consumers expect maximum flexibility to find the right offer for them, including further information, right up to the conclusion of the purchase, where it is most convenient for them. We see technologies such as video, AR, VR and messaging as key elements for linking the online and offline worlds.

About Bastian Raschke

Bastian Raschke joined Facebook in 2015 and has held various management positions since 2017. He has led the Automotive, Mobility & Travel divisions for Facebook in German-speaking countries since 2021. In his role, Bastian Raschke and his team work with automotive manufacturers and mobility service providers, advising them on the optimal use of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp for their business objectives.

IAA MOBILITY is transforming itself from a pure car show to an international mobility platform with four pillars: The Summit, the Conference, the “Blue Lane” and the downtown Munich Open Space. Under the slogan of “What will move us next”, it stands for the digital and climate-neutral mobility of the future. From 7 to 12 September 2021, the car, bike and tech industries come together at IAA MOBILITY in Munich.