IAA MOBILITY Weekly 1: Bestseller in Norway

Nov 6, 2020

In Norway at least, people’s decisions are clear. E-mobility from Germany is evidently a bestseller. And soon that could also be true of a future charging station concept. At the same time, a conflict is brewing in the US – you will find this story and more in the IAA MOBILITY Weekly.

The lead: clear action

“Motorist swerves to avoid elk and hits brown bear.” This headline appeared in Norway’s local media and a German tabloid in August 2012. The driver was doing exactly what he was supposed to. If you have an elk in your lights, you have to avoid hitting it! Accidents involving these Scandinavian giants can sometimes be fatal for the vehicle’s occupants.

The permanent threat of an unwanted “elk test” has boosted hugely the popularity of SUVs in Norway. And as the traditionally environmentally aware Norwegians like to be equally safe and sustainable, the all-electric Audi e-currently takes the top spot among the most popular e-vehicles in the kingdom of fjords. From January to October, 8,203 e-trons were registered in Norway. Audi’s flagship model is clearly (for a change) beating off the competition – by a large margin. Second and third places go to the e-Golf (4,952) and the ID.3 (4,465) – both from VW – although the ID.3 in particular is catching up fast. All three models have one thing in common – in the far north they are many lengths ahead of Tesla.

Infrastructure: the tanks of the future

Around 20,000 square meters shared over several stories, 200 charging points with 500 kW connections for extra-fast charging – the Bavarian e-mobility company eLoaded is taking charging stations to the next level. The large, futuristic charging stations should even be able to function as helipads and hubs for carsharing and ridepooling. At present eLoaded is working with several partners on analyzing the first potential locations for these e-mobility hubs.

Quote of the week: building bridges

VDA President Hildegard Müller in her guest article in Berlin’s “Tagesspiegel newspaper. Building bridges and partnerships come first – by applying this principle, the US and Germany can achieve a lot together in a dramatically changing world.

„The bridge across the Atlantic is a bit like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – you have to keep working on it.“

Hildegard Müller, VDA President

Figure of the week: 32,324

A total of 32,324 applications for subsidies for buying an electric car were submitted in October. This was the fourth record in succession! The increased subsidy applies until the end of 2021. A bonus of up to 9,000 euros is available for purchasing an electric car. The Government provides 6,000 euros, while the rest comes from the manufacturer.

LinkedIn top voice of the week

On his channel he reports on intermodal service solutions for cities and urban areas, which help reduce congestion, bring down environmental pollution and encourage affordable mobility in general.


Innovation update: Tübingen “army knife” for mobility

“All under one roof” (in German “Alle unter einem Dach”) – is the project of Ortwin Wiebecke, chief executive of the Stadtwerke public utility in the German town of Tübingen. Together with his team and the local university he wants to develop an app that will bundle the most varied mobility offers all in one digital spot, ranging from local public transport to carsharing schemes and providers of e-scooters and rental bikes.

In a number of scientific surveys, the university researchers discovered that the main factor affecting users’ satisfaction with mobility was not the mode of transport. Other factors were more important, such as flexibility, comfort and sustainability. The app is intended to function as a kind of “Swiss Army Knife” drawing together in one place the benefits of all the modes of transport available on the market. But we will have to wait until spring 2021 to find out whether the plans have become mobile reality.

Did you know…? Norway is regarded as a European bastion of e-mobility. The early government promotion and the above-average incomes across large parts of the population have resulted in Norwegians most recently registering far more new cars with electric drive than with combustion engines. The proportion of electric new cars exceeded the 50-per cent mark for the first time back in March.

The IAA 2021 will focus on innovative mobility in all its forms. Intelligent traffic solutions, visionary ideas, automobiles and the entire mobility chain. Everything that will shape the mobility of tomorrow and turn it into an experience. Come to the show!