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Jul 2, 2021

What moves the IAA MOBILITY and the mobility industry? Here we have some of the highlights for you.

Crazy Early Bird Tickets are still available until the 12th of July!

Advance ticket sales for the mobility event of the year have started. You can buy the Crazy Early Bird Ticket until the 12th of July – and get some serious discounts for booking early! 

Industry visitors can get the IAA Summit Ticket which gives them access to the exhibition halls, the IAA Conference, the Open Space and the IAA Virtual. The Conference+ Ticket offers the additional chance to take part in exclusive events where well-known speakers will discuss the most important topics with regard to future mobility. 

General visitors are very much invited to come and see the exhibition during the visitor days (10th to 12th of September) with an IAA MOBILITY Experience Ticket. It gives them access to the whole exhibition area. Furthermore, they can visit all the exhibitions in the city centre of Munich – the so-called Open Space. This Open Space includes all the most prominent places of the city of Munich, where they can experience, see and try out the future of mobility – from micro- and e-mobility to bike novelties, including e-bikes, and the public transport. And due to very high demand, the Open Space will be expanded: the Open Space Extended will be particularly interesting to all lovers of sports cars and bikes. The Bike Test Area will also be open to all visitors from the 7th to the 12th of September. 

Traveling from the Open Space in the city centre to the Open Space Extended (which is located on the premises of the exhibition area) is made easy by the so-called Blue Lane: a 12-km-test drive lane which connects the city centre to the exhibition halls. Test drives will be available and can be carried in vehicles supplied by Amazon Alexa Automotive, BMW, Dacia, Daimler, Porsche, Ford, Luminatec, Obist, Schaeffler and Wey. Furthermore, the ticket includes some very attractive offers from our restaurant and retail partners. 

Those visitors who cannot be there in person can use the IAA Virtual Ticket, which allows them to digitally experience a holistic approach to mobility at the IAA MOBILITY – from wherever they are in the world. Formats from the Summit (including Conference) and from the Open Space (including Dialogue) will be streamed online. 

Journalists can find more information on accreditation below. 

Retro success of the week

A bit of a retro look, some futuristic parts and a very strong electric drivetrain: the  ELEGEND AG i.G. is located in the Bavarian city of Beilngries and wants to resurrect the rallye legends from decades past – with state-of-the-art technology. 

The design draft that is shown here does very much resemble Audi's original quattro from the 1980s – a car that is known to have a kind of cult status. ELEGEND is planning on presenting the first prototype in 2022 – and soon afterwards, there will be a whole series with 30 different car models. There are not many technical details known yet, but there is a rough estimation of what the price will be: the sports car called EL1 will cost around 890,000 euro plus VAT.


News from the IAA MOBILITY

High-quality classics, sports cars, super cars, exotic vehicles and motorbikes: the IAA Heritage by Motorworld will present some exciting pieces that represent the history of mobility – and you can see them all from the 7th to the 12th of September in exhibition hall B4.

„This special format will portray the full range of classic mobility. The exhibition hall B4 will become a trading floor and a very lively meeting place for all people and companies that are passionate about mobility", says Meike Poweleit, Director Exhibitions & Events at the Motorworld Group. The IAA Heritage will be a forum and also a trading plattform for premium oldtimer cars, classic sports cars, youngtimers, limited editions, supercars and motorbikes – with high standards regarding quality, performance and history.

The concept is yet again aiming for a "Look & Feel" that is evocative of the good old times – and combining this with high-quality exhibits and many highlights for both industry visitors and general visitors. The charme of classic mobility will be the common theme in the exhibition hall B4 – including artists, accessoires in proper style, service providers and exhibition staff that is dressed appropriately. This is how the IAA Heritage connects the past to the future, making it possible to really experience the history of mobility. 

© Motorworld Group

Five questions for...

... Tiffany Middelstenscheid, Product Manager Fuell Cell Stack at Bosch

The product manager is discussing the future prospects of the fuel cell and its possible various purposes in our "Five Questions for..."-interview. She also lets us know what she is looking forward to the most when thinking about the IAA MOBILITY. 

Quote of the week

Electronic retailer Euronics has conducted a representative online study,asking more than 10,000 participants about the know how and information behaviour of the Germans with regard to e-mobility. The results are in – and they show that the knowledge level is still expandable, even though the demand is massively increasing.

Asked to evaluate their own knowledge about e-mobility beyond electric cars, 46,5 percent of all participants said they felt they were well informed. More than a third of them (35,5 percent) believed that their knowledge level regarding this topic was rather low. It seems that e-mobility is a male domain: 56,8 percent of all men thought they were well-informed – in comparison to 36,1 percent of the women. Also, the younger participants (aged 18-29) had a stronger belief in their knowledge about e-mobility than those aged 30 years or older. 

"E-mobility is so much more than just an electric car. Consumers have to deal with new processes and technologies, which might make the decision about what to buy even harder", says Philipp Neuffer, Project Lead e-Mobility at EURONICS Germany.

Potential buyers of e-cars are preoccupied by two specific topics when they are getting a consultation: 69,1 percent of this target group want to know about the possibilities of getting state subsidies. 65 percent think that information on maintenance and repair work is most relevant. Furthermore, details about the performance and durability (45,4 percent) and the supply with charging stations on-site (43,9 percent) are what potential buyers are interested in.

„E-mobility is so much more than just the electric car.“

Tell me, IAA... 

… I am a journalist. Can I already apply for accreditation now?

Yes, applying for accreditation can now be done here. Your press ticket will be valid from the 6th to the 12th of September 2021. All press representatives will need a verified press legitimation in order to get their ticket. The Press and Media Days will be held on 6th and 7th September, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; the official opening day will be 7th September, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You are also cordially invited to attend the IAA Mobility Conference from 7th-10th September and the Open Space dialogue formats.

Find further information here!

© Deutsches Museum

Experience Munich

The Deutsches Museum's Verkehrszentrum is located close to the main house, there are only a few tube stations between the two buildings. The exhibited traffic which is "frozen" so people can really look at it, includes cars, bikes and trains – and it clearly shows how movement and travels have developed. An old bike repair shop can be visited and several concepts for the mobility of tomorrow are shown. Overall, there is more to be seen in the Deutsche Museum than one person can actually take in in one day. If you have only a few hours, then have a look at our list of the ten best exhibits regarding the history of mobility. 

You can find more ideas for your visit to Munich here!