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Over 120 years of the IAA are behind us. Since then, the IAA has played a decisive role in shaping the development of the automobile. In the process, it has reinvented itself again and again. With the IAA MOBILITY 2021, it is transforming itself into the leading international mobility platform and a sustainable urban project.

„The IAA has developed again and again throughout its 123-year history, but the year 2021 in Munich will mark a fundamental new beginning.“

Hildegard Müller


From a car show to a 360° mobility platform

Mobility is undergoing a sea-change and new offers are expanding to the mobility mix in both urban and rural areas. Hardly anyone doubts that during the next decade the way in which we get from A to B will change more than it has done in the last century. We are seeing new mobility devices, technologies and players such as startups. And the IAA – as a leading international platform for the mobility of the future – takes account of these developments. No matter whether you’re looking at electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles, connected, automated mobility in towns and cities, or alternatives such as ridesharing, cargo bikes and flying taxis – the IAA, with its exhibitors and brands, stands for a holistic picture of mobility.

Brand experiences will stay in the center of the IAA 2021.

Open concept

The new IAA is opening up and will also reach out into the city, directly to the people, who can try out the latest vehicles and mobility concepts on test routes away from the exhibition halls. To meet this challenge, the IAA 2021 is pursuing new paths: a fundamentally new IAA concept has been developed together with member companies. In the future, the IAA will take mobility to ordinary people in the city, and will evolve more and more from a motor show into a comprehensive mobility platform.

Top-level speakers such as CEO Ginni Rometty of IBM and CEO Ola Källenius of Daimler AG at the IAA Conference - the dialogue and networking platform of the IAA 2021 on mobility topics and beyond.

IAA as a sustainable urban project

This means that the IAA will no longer play out solely on one central site. The trade fair is opening up and will also bring its brands’ worlds of experience into the urban hotspots of the partner city. As a 360° mobility platform, it will involve ordinary citizens and – outside the exhibition halls – it will showcase the latest vehicles, autonomous modes of transport and innovative concepts so that they can be seen, touched and experienced by everyone. And that will not simply stop at the end of the event. In the future, the IAA will leave substantial marks and thus continue exerting its effects even after it has finished. The interplay with the municipality and the IAA exhibitors should give rise on the spot to visible mobility solutions for a sustainable living environment – the smart city. Conceivable ideas could include infrastructure projects for hydrogen filling stations, charging pillars and mobility hubs. With this approach the IAA will underscore its unique standing as the leading platform for mobility and set itself apart from other motor shows and hi-tech platforms.


About the IAA

Shining steel, splendor and speed – for over a century now the IAA has guaranteed spectacular premieres and technological trends. But it is much more than a car show: It has developed into a leading forum for all aspects of mobility.

The IAA can look back at a tradition stretching over 120 years. Since its launch in 1897 the IAA has played a decisive role in the development of the automobile. And has repeatedly reinvented itself as the leading international forum for mobility. Responding to the constantly changing demands made on future mobility. This is equally true of the brands and companies exhibiting their latest products and services at the IAA: Whether electric or conventional drives, pure driving pleasure or connected, automated urban transport. Whether sports car manufacturers or providers of innovative services – the IAA represents a holistic view of mobility. Today. Tomorrow. And beyond.