Weekend highlights

The Summit will open for private visitors with an Experience Ticket at 14:00 on Friday.

This means that the focus will be on the users on Saturday. Experts from around the world will take part in exciting panels to shed light on the mobility transformation and its effects on people.

Following Norway’s example? Urban charging station in Oslo.

Barbara Lenz of the Deutsche Agentur für Luft und Raumfahrt will start the day with a panel at 10:30. The topic: customer acceptance as the key to economic success for electromobility.

The day will end with a fireside chat on urban mobility at 17:00 on the Summit Stage. Representatives from the worlds of business and science will discuss the future, opportunities and challenges of carsharing as a driver of the mobility transformation.

Bikepacking is about the small extremes. It’s a combination of “How am I supposed to get all that in my saddle bags?” and “How am I supposed to get by with just one jumper?”

The day begins at 10:00 on the Vision Stage. Ousmane N’Guer from Go Sharing is turning the think tank into an important consumer topic when it comes to sustainability: “CO2-neutral travel can still be fun!”

Where do you like to charge?

Sunday will be an electric day for the Summit Stage. Kurt Sigl (BEM) and Tajo Adler (ADLER Smart Solutions) invite you to the think tank “Electric mobility with no fear of scope”.

The panel “Rethinking the travel bus – sustainable and individual mobility” will consider long-distance travel. Futurist and urbanist Stefan Carstensen, Clemens Rath (Blacklane) and Finn Peters (Owner, Peters-Reisen) will be leading the talk on the stage.

What’s next? There are two options. 1) Stroll through the halls, use the Open Space Extended and Open Space areas in the city. 2) Sit back and watch the highlights of the past days with IAA MOBILITY Virtual.