Friday, 10 September

In focus today: the startups of the mobility industry. Nearly 80 of them are at this year's IAA MOBILITY in Munich.
Gamified approaches will present future mobility concepts for children and adults.

"Daddling" was yesterday. In the future, gaming will be an important cultural technique and at the same time an innovation driver for urban development and mobility. Conference partner Humboldt Innovation is curating an exciting talk on the Mobility Stage. Starting at 12 p.m., the focus will be on gaming as a means of futurology. How do new mobility concepts emerge playfully between technology and culture? Join the discussion with Professor Martina Schraudner (Fraunhofer), Kasper Johannes Meyer (German Federal Foreign Office) and Robert Schenker (CEO Schenker Technologies).

(Not) pie in the sky: autonomous driving gives seniors some of their mobility back.

Already at 9 a.m. on the same stage, Canyon Bikes CEO Armin Landgraf and Signa CEO Dr. Stephan Zoll will provide insight into how they plan to shape the future of bicycle mobility in the Top Level Fireside Chat.

Shortly thereafter at 10 a.m., guests on the Vision Stage will look at one of the most fascinating future topics in mobility: autonomous driving. Andrea Kollmorgen (Siemens), Erez Dagan (Mobileye) Shauna McIntyre (Sense Photonics) and Siddartha Khastgir (Head of Verification at WMG) will discuss the importance of good simulations and scenarios for the safety of autonomous vehicles.

Cars and the environment communicate with each other – traffic lights can be revamped with a needs-based design to make traffic more efficient, for example. Source: Siemens

At 12 noon, TH Ingolstadt will invite another top panel to the Vision Stage. What influence do new mobility solutions have on the general safety of mobility? Guests include Frank Rinderknecht (Rinspeed), Dr. Thomas Huber (DB Region Bus), Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schmidtner (TH Ingolstadt) and Jennifer Reitz-Zettler from the innovation agency Bayern Innovativ.

German Tesla hunter? Munich-based start-up Sonor Motors has developed a manufacturing process that facilitates the seamless integration of solar cells into the entire body of an electric car.

On Friday, the Summit Stage will focus on the innovative power of startups in the context of the mobility revolution. At 10 a.m., you will hear Microlino co-founders Merlin and Oliver Ouboter together with Dr. Anat Bonshtien (Citytransformer) in an exciting panel about microcars of the future.

Starting at 11 a.m., go on an experiential journey with conference partner Bits & Pretzels: "From idea to unicorn", mobility startups and their investors in conversation. Learn first-hand how an innovative idea can be turned into a sustainable company.

But the Expert Stage also offers further relevant input on this fourth day of the conference: If you want to know how global crises can change our way of getting around in the long term, follow the presentation on the topic by mobility researchers Philipp Rode (LSE Cities) and Marc Schelewsky (infas) from 1 p.m. onwards. 

Meanwhile, on the Virtual Summit Main Stage, there will be deep dives on the topic of microcars and - it's obvious on Startup Day - of course on the topic of entrepreneurship.