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The Open Space Extended - A World of Experiences for Mobility Fans

In the immediate vicinity of the Summit, the Open Space Extended awaited IAA visitors. In Halls B4, B5 and B6, everything revolved around the topics of bikes, sports cars, motor sports, classic cars and with an exciting Bike & Micromobility Test Course and various test tracks.

The Open Space Extended extends over halls B4, B5 and B6 and the spacious outdoor area, the IAA Experience, with an exciting bike & micromobility test course and various test tracks such as the Mercedes-Benz Mountain Bike Experience. Admission is from September 7, 9:00 a.m., via the East Entrance, and from September 10, 2:00 p.m., also via the West Entrance.

Please note: The current COVID-19 rules for visitors at IAA MOBILITY apply to admission.

Bike area: latest trends for two-wheelers

In halls B5 and B6, everything revolves around the topic of bikes. Here visitors can immerse themselves in the latest trends, topics and products designed by the bicycle industry. In addition to e-bikes and the classic bicycles, exhibitors will also be presenting innovative ideas and technologies of tomorrow. And on the large bike and micromobility test course in the outdoor area, IAA visitors can extensively test the two-wheelers of the numerous brands as well as their own limits, and see a daily stunt show.

IAA Heritage by Motorworld: a meeting place for enthusiasts and collectors

At the IAA Heritage by MOTORWORLD area in hall B4, visitors can experience the emotional world of classic automobiles with traditional models and exclusive rarities. The special exhibition is a forum and trading platform for premium classic cars, classic sports cars, youngtimers, limited editions, supercars and motorcycles all in one - with high standards of quality, performance and history. Further information can also be found on the IAA MOTORWORLD page.

Automania: fascination at a small scale

From September 10 to 12, the "Automania" model car fair will be held in hall B4. Around 30 dealers will be offering their collector's items at over 100 tables. Everything worth collecting related to cars can be found at the fair: In addition to model vehicles in all designs and scales, miniature construction machines, slot cars, pins, automobilia and car literature will also be offered here.

Photo by Tyler Clemmensen on Unsplash

Alpine Rush Rallye: meeting place of the super sports cars

Hall B4 will feature high-caliber sports cars taking part in this year's Alpine Rush Rally 2021. IAA MOBILITY is sponsoring the tour for 2021 and 2022, which leads through the Dolomites this fall. Experience bolides such as the Porsche 911 GT3 and GT3 R, Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren 570S, Ferrari F8 Tributo, Ferrari 488 pista, Audi R8 V10 Performance or Mustang Shelby.

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

DVR: test your driving skills

Another highlight of the many testing opportunities: you can put your driving skills to the test in simulators. The German Road Safety Council (Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat e.V.) and the German Road Safety Association (Deutsche Verkehrswacht e.V.) provide motorcycle, rollover and braking simulators. In addition, the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure will be raising awareness of the dangers of road traffic with its "Runter vom Gas" road safety campaign. The Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) will be available to provide information on all aspects of traffic safety and traffic development.

Self-driving NAVYA shuttle

Fancy a test drive in the self-driving NAVYA shuttle? As part of the INTERREG project 'Kontaktlo(o)s Laden', a self-driving NAVYA shuttle of the province of Groningen, was equipped with inductive charging technology from the company INTIS. Here, not only the driving is autonomous, but also the charging process is fully automatic. Discover the advantages of autonomous mobility during a test drive.


More safety thanks to artificial intelligence

Aquaplaning or black ice are one of the main factors behind numerous accidents on Europe's roads. The electronic systems used in vehicles to date cannot reliably detect slippery surfaces such as water or ice on the road.  This often has fatal consequences for occupants and pedestrians as well as other road users. With the progress of autonomous driving, more reliable solutions are needed.

ROADAR, a new type of assistance system, will be presented at the IAA MOBILITY. Thanks to data from near-infrared (NIR) and polarization sensor technology together with AI-supported evaluation, the system enables clear detection and localization of weather-related hazards on road surfaces.

The system works in any lighting conditions and weather conditions. The generated data can be immediately processed for the reaction of the autonomous driving system.

See the future of safety live at IAA MOBILITY

At the IAA MOBILITY, visitors can test this new marvel of technology live in the Open Space at booth F91 with a test track almost 90 meters long. Twice a day (10:30 and 14:00), the operation of ROADAR will be demonstrated. A test vehicle equipped with ROADAR will pass a section of track prepared with water. Visitors can then follow the reaction of the assistance system live and in real time on a large 65-inch monitor. The development team subsequently will also be available for questions and discussions.

Copyright : Fraunhofer EMFT / Bernd Müller
Copyright : Fraunhofer EMFT / Bernd Müller