IAA MOBILITY Blue Lane: experience mobility for yourself

From September 6 to 12, the Blue Lane will enable visitors to experience sustainable mobility solutions for today and tomorrow right in the heart of Munich. The test and transfer track will connect the Summit with the Open Space in Munich’s inner city.

Across Munich on the Blue Lane

The Blue Lane is one of the absolute highlights of the IAA MOBILITY. The Blue Lane Road offers Germany’s first environmental lane for electric, hybrid and hydrogen-powered vehicles, plus zero-emission local public transport buses. The twelve-kilometer-long transfer and test track will offer our visitors a chance to experience sustainable mobility in everyday road traffic. It follows the loveliest routes through the city and at the same time is the quickest way to travel between the Summit on Munich’s exhibition grounds and the Open Space in the center of the Bavarian capital. Furthermore, special fast metro connections and exclusive routes for micromobility will form part of the Blue Lane. Another highlight is the Blue Lane Future with autonomous shuttles and urban flight taxis. Come on board!

The Blue Lane Road

Do you want to see for yourself the latest low and zero-emission models to be premiered, together with your family or friends? Visitors to the IAA MOBILITY can not only visit the Summit or the Open Space Extended to admire the premiered vehicles of their favorite brands and pick up some expert advice. They can also try out the object of their desire by taking a test drive on the Blue Lane Road in real traffic conditions. The wide ranging offers from leading brands go from hybrids and plug-in hybrid models, to electric vehicles and the latest fuel-cell cars.

What is more, bus companies and manufacturers will have their zero-emission models in service on the Blue Lane Road as official IAA shuttle buses. During the ride you can take in exciting live talks, lectures or concerts, or immerse yourself in virtual reality worlds. You can join or leave the shuttles at the Open Space in Arcisstrasse, Galeriestraße, Apothekenhof, Wittelsbacher Platz and Operngarage.

A five-kilometer section of the Blue Lane will serve as the official environmental lane, a route reserved exclusively for zero-emission vehicles and vehicles with at least three occupants. The idea is that this pilot project, the first of its kind in Germany, should reduce the volume of traffic on busy roads and encourage shared rides. This section is to remain in use after the IAA MOBILITY.

The Blue Lane Micromobility

The Blue Lane Micromobility, one of the four components of the Blue Lane, connects the exhibition areas at Königsplatz and Amiraplatz (Wittelsbacherplatz). The items exhibited at the Micro Mobility Hubs, ranging from escooters to e-bikes, can be rented and tested on the nearly 1-km-long public bicycle path on Brienner Strasse.

The Blue Lane Underground

Do you want to commute quickly between the Summit and the Open Space or a hotel in the city center? Not a problem. Use the IAA connection offered by Munich’s metro line U2. During the IAA MOBILITY, the route between the trade fair grounds and Königsplatz will become the Blue Lane Underground, providing a direct connection. The advantage is that local public transport is included in the price of a ticket to the IAA. Another route linking the exhibition grounds and Odeonsplatz is also expected to be set up for the duration of the IAA as part of the Blue Lane Underground. The realization of this plan is currently being examined.

The Blue Lane Future

Do you want to experience the future of mobility for yourself? On the Summit open-air site, an exclusive visitor area is planned solely for Urban Air Mobility. In addition, an autonomous shuttle bus on the Summit grounds will ferry groups of visitors from A to B. One thing is missing in the electric bus – a driver behind a steering wheel. What has so far only been shown as a concept study at other mobility trade fairs, or has not yet started test operations in your area, can now be experienced at the IAA MOBILITY.