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Cancellation Conditions

The VDA has revised the current cancellation regulations of the Exhibition Conditions for the IAA MOBILITY 2021. Many exhibitors wonder what the cancellation policy is in the event of a Corona-related cancellation or government travel bans domestically or abroad. Due to the current developments of the Corona pandemic, we would like to give you planning security and support your companies in the best possible way.

We have therefore decided to update our cancellation conditions:

  • If the VDA should cancel the IAA (as a result of force majeur or unforeseeable circumstances), we shall bear almost the entire risk and, whatever the timing of the cancellation (even if this should be during the show), shall retain only a small portion in the amount of 10 % of the stand rent.
  • Exhibitors who are not permitted to travel to the show owing to a state-imposed travel ban in Germany or in another country or owing to a ban on entering the country, and whose stand operation thus becomes impossible, shall also receive a generous reimbursement of their stand rent.

With these measures, we would like to make a helpful contribution to your participation in IAA MOBILITY 2021.

The revised information can be found in the cancellation conditions from paragraph 113 - 117.

Be part of the IAA MOBILITY 2021 and let us shape new paths for the IAA together!