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Balance sheet CO2-neutral presentation

As specified in the Requirements for Presentations in the Open Space, all exhibitors will place their main focus on concepts and offers for new and sustainable mobility. In the first step, when you registered, you undertook to design your presentation to be carbon-neutral overall. The information about the process is as follows:

We have engaged myclimate, an experienced partner in effective climate protection, to calculate and offset the emissions resulting from your IAA presentation.

A carbon footprint supplies information about the current status of a system. It acts as the starting point for further steps in effective climate protection, such as the development, implementation and continual verification of efficiency and reduction measures. In addition, a carbon footprint forms the ideal basis for defining, monitoring and benchmarking CO2 targets. An exact carbon footprint is also essential for determining the amount of offsetting needed to make a system climate-neutral. Furthermore, it provides the foundation for fact-based communication with stakeholders about your existing achievements in climate protection.


Using the “product carbon footprint” method, system limits have been identified and a questionnaire for determining the greenhouse gas emissions associated with a climate-neutral trade show stand has been prepared. We ask you to answer these questions in as much detail as possible by May 31, 2021. 

On the basis of your answers, myclimate will calculate the emission value of your presentation and draw up an assessment and an offsetting offer. Once your emissions have been offset in a climate protection project, you will receive a label for your IAA presentation.

If you already implement other measures that render your presentation climate-neutral, myclimate will issue the label after examining the documentation for calculation.

Further information:

  • myclimate label:
    With the myclimate label, you can take action to protect the climate and communicate your commitment to climate-neutrality in a credible and transparent way. The tracking number integrated into the label makes it possible to see at any time on www.myclimate.de the climate protection project where myclimate has offset your greenhouse gas emissions. This ensures the greatest transparency and builds confidence in your commitment to climate-neutrality.
  • Offsetting CO2:
    CO2 emissions are offset in myclimate’s high-quality climate protection projects, which satisfy the highest standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo). Alongside the documented reduction of greenhouse gases both locally and regionally, they also make a positive contribution to sustainable development. This means that the myclimate projects help in reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Costs:
    For calculating the emission value / for checking evidence of offsetting incl. labeling, you will be charged EUR 99.00 (plus 7% VAT) when the invoice for 100% of your stand rent at the IAA MOBILITY is issued. You will receive a separate offer from myclimate for offsetting your CO2 emissions.

While a CO2-neutral presentation is mandatory in the Open Space, it is optional at the Summit. However, we wish to recommend that you design your presence there to be CO2-neutral as well, in the interest of a climate-friendly overall presence.