FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have tried to provide answers to all the important - and most frequently - asked questions. A look at the FAQs might answer your questions, too.

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IAA in general

The IAA Mobility will take place in Munich from the 7th until the 12th of September 2021. Already on Monday, 6th September 2021, media representatives from around the world will have access to new models and innovations from all areas of mobility. 


More information will follow later.


Participation in both formats ensures that all target groups are addressed. Both formats have a fundamentally different target group focus. With the division into Open Space and Summit, there is a clear separation of the target groups. The Summit focuses on B2B with the objectives innovation, education, exchange and information. The Summit is an exchange for people who rethink mobility: Mobility meets Professionals. In the Open Space B2C meets brand experience, image, dialogue and entertainment. The latest and efficient vehicles are shown as well as innovative concepts and the mobility solutions can be experienced directly on site: Mobility meets Everybody.

Yes, exhibitors who present themselves in the Summit and in the Open Space receive the area in the Open Space at a discounted price.

The IAA is no longer a purely physical event that takes place every 2 years. It will be the mobility and tech platform for the mobility of the future, which will combine the theme sovereignty with regard to all overarching mobility topics throughout the year and offer various physical and digital touchpoints. This enables a variety of participation possibilities, for example in the context of the Open Innovation Project or a podcast etc.

We expect the highest number of visitors at the weekend. The Summit will also be open to B2C visitors on Saturday and Sunday, offering automotive and mobility-savvy visitors the opportunity to see the technical innovations of the mobility and tech industries. This enables all visitor groups to get an idea of ​​how sustainable mobility is lived in the B2B and B2C area.


We cannot make any statements about the exact number of visitors. The concept of the new IAA in Munich includes many fundamentally different formats that make it difficult to make a forecast compared to the past. With the squares in the city center, a very high number of visitors is guaranteed due to their central location.

Yes, various sponsorship packages are currently being developed for all components.

For further information please contact Mr Patrick Keller

• Entry of address and communication details in the IAA online catalog and the IAA App
• Three entries in the list of products and services in the IAA online catalog and the IAA App
• Teaser text (approx. 150 characters) in all exhibitor lists and company text (800 characters) in the exhibitors’ profile in the IAA online catalog and the IAA App
• Key visual in the exhibitors’ profile in the IAA online catalog and the IAA App
• Social media links in the IAA online catalog and the IAA App
• Alphabetic entry in the IAA visitors’ guide

We are constantly monitoring the development of the Covid-19 pandemic. The new concept offers different possibilities to react with suitable hygiene concepts, if necessary. The exhibition grounds at the Summit can be adjusted very flexible to secure bigger distances, the Open Space is outdoor, which also allows for different hygiene concepts. Together with Messe München GmbH, which is currently constantly adapting hygiene concepts and developing them for the events that will soon be starting again, we are following the latest developments. A more precise forecast for September 2021 is unfortunately not yet possible at this time.


IAA Open Space

Exclusive inner-city spaces become the stage for urban presentations, new formats and unique experiences, including visitor guarantee. The latest and efficient vehicles as well as innovative concepts - outside the exhibition halls - will be shown. In addition, the mobility solutions presented are made tangible on site. There visitors can test everything from automobiles, e-scooters to e-bikes.

The Open Space will be open from September 7th to 12th, 2021.Oon the 1st day it is expected to open leter than the Summit.


More information will follow later.

The minimum size is 50 square meters per exhibitor, separately declared areas are excluded. More information will follow later.


The maximum area is 1,000 sqm per exhibitor / brand.

This is theoretically possible, but will be examined specifically. The space in the open space is limited and should enable all exhibitors to present various aspects such as experience, information and entertainment.

The stand rental prices as well as the other mandatory costs can be found here.

You can find more information here.

Mobility concepts based on sustainable, innovative and transparent construction, which fit harmoniously into the overall picture of the squares are preferred. In all of the mobility solutions shown, there is a strong focus on emission-free and low-emission solutions. In contrast to classic brand presentations, elements that focus on dialogue and cultural entertainment should also prevail in the open space. The exhibitors are obliged to balance their presentations CO2-neutrally. Further details are still to be defined.

According to the requirements of the City of Munich, the brand presentations must be implemented in a climate-neutral manner. More information will follow later.

A two-storey construction is currently possible on all available spaces.

These will be communicated shortly in the "important place information".

The following dates are planned for using the areas in the open space:

• Assembly: 2.9.2021 - 6.9.2021

• Dismantling: 13.9.2021 - 15.9.2021


Detailed information will follow at a later date.

During the construction and dismantling period, construction can take place daily from 6am until 10pm.

A dynamic logistics concept will be developed in the course of further planning.

Detailed information will follow at a later date.

For the technical availability is guaranteed. These are listed in the "important location information", which will be available shortly.

Detailed information will follow at a later date.

Advertising measures are generally only possible within the rented stand space. However, clearly recognizable (special) sales campaigns are not permitted.


In the Residenzhöfe, orientation markings may be made by brands. Large-scale product and sales-oriented posters outside of optically shielded structures are not permitted. More details may follow.

The coordination with possible additional locations is still ongoing. More information will follow later.

The comprehensive security concept of the IAA is developed in close coordination with the security authorities of the city of Munich. Due to external circumstances, short-term adjustments may be necessary at any time. This does not replace the safety concepts of the exhibitors on their respective presentation areas (including the assembly and dismantling times). More information will follow later.

The respective exhibitor is responsible for guarding the exhibition area. Further information will follow at a later date.

Authorities and organizers will prepare adequately for the expected flow of visitors. Proven concepts (such as for the Oktoberfest or bauma) are used as a basis and adapted accordingly. More information will follow later.

A sanitary concept is currently being developed.

The disposal of waste generated on the stand areas during assembly and dismantling, as well as during the entire duration of the event, is coordinated centrally and is handled by Messe München's service partners. Exhibitors will be invoiced on the basis of a mandatory disposal fee of 12.00 EUR/m² stand area plus VAT. The corresponding amount will be invoiced to the exhibitor with the admission prior to the event.

The disposal of production waste (e.g. from machine demonstrations or major catering activities), individual stand construction elements and complete exhibition stands is excluded from this fee.

In addition, the regulations on waste disposal of the Organizational & Technical Guidelines for IAA 2021 apply, which will be available shortly.

IAA Blue Lane

An integral part of the new IAA concept is a multimodal transfer axis between the two event locations, spanning three spades: road, public transport & micromobility. The Blue Lane road should not be a pure transfer axis, but should be identified as a priority lane to enable test drives. It is currently planned to use the Blue Lane as a route on which transfer vehicles as well as demo vehicles and use cases will shuttle visitors between Summit and Open Space and thereby experience the future. The Blue Lane can also be used for individual test drives.

The Blue Lane should give the opportunity to enable test drives. Transfer vehicles will primarily be used to transport the large number of people who are to be shuttled between the Summit and the Open Space. In addition to common shuttle buses, the use of electric or hydrogen buses is also conceivable. Further details are currently being worked on.

The Blue Lane will run along the A94 from the trade fair via Prinzregentenstrasse to Königsplatz and will be marked as the IAA priority lane.


A test drive concept is currently being developed, both options (central starting point and decentralized departure points) are conceivable. More information will follow later.

There are three places in the open space that allow a direct or very close departure of test drives. This is the Königsplatz, which is directly connected to the Blue Lane, the Max-Joseph-Platz with an underground car park with 150 parking spaces, as well as the Wittelsbacherplatz and possibly the Odeonsplatz depending on the use of Ludwigstraße.

Shuttle buses, zero emission vehicles and car pooling vehicles with at least 2 passengers are allowed to drive on the Blue Lane. All vehicles must be approved by the StVZO.

If the vehicles drive purely electrically while driving on the Blue Lane, driving on the Blue Lane with PHEV’s with E-plates is conceivable.

The concept of the Blue Lane is currently being developed, further information will follow at a later date.

The concept of the Blue Lane is currently being developed, further information will follow at a later date.

We are currently still in the concept phase. More information will follow later.

The process-based parking concept is currently being developed. More information will follow later. It can be assumed that only a few additional areas are available.

Detailed information will follow at a later date.

Test drives outside of the Blue Lane can be planned independently by the manufacturers. The Blue Lane offers an ideal opportunity to offer a test track in city traffic.

There is no official test track outside of Blue Lane.

This functionality is being considered - the implementation for the IAA 2021 is still being examined.

Detailed information will follow at a later date.

The city council supports the Blue Lane as part of an overall project in which the feasibility of a proposed transfer axis and its elaboration for sustainable transport concepts and emission-free forms of drive are examined. The IAA represents the pilot test of a high occupancy vehicle lane on a given road and route. The goal is to permanently install the Blue Lane in 2023.

The IAA's traffic concept envisages the provision of parking spaces in the open-air area of ​​the trade fair in Munich Riem. This means that the Blue Lane can be used as the first touch and experience point for visitors on their way to the open space. A fully process-based parking concept for exhibitors and visitors is currently being developed taking into account inner-city parking garages.

Replacement vehicles can be temporarily stored on the grounds of Messe München. The charging infrastructure can also be installed there and the preparation and charging of vehicles can be carried out overnight.

The main loading capacities (especially overnight) will probably be located on the exhibition grounds. Detailed information on the places in the open space will follow at a later date.

There are already some public charging stations in the vicinity of the open space. The terms of use during the IAA are currently being coordinated. The right charging concept for all exhibitors is developed on the basis of the registration situation. Both central loading points and decentralized solutions are conceivable. More information will follow later.

IAA Summit

The Summit constitutes the core content of the new IAA 2021 and the ideal stage for companies as innovators in the mobility industry. Under the motto “Mobility meets Professionals”, we offer exhibitors many other formats such as press conferences, stage presentations and networking elements in addition to the classic rental of exhibition space. The perfect opportunity for companies to present themselves and their products and to make valuable contacts. With the Conference as part of the Summit, we offer exhibitors informative and participatory conference formats that allow all participants to experience the Summit's range of topics.

The summit will be open from September 7th to 12th, 2021. There will be an exclusive press and media day on Monday, September 6, 2021.

The opening of the Summit on the weekend for B2C focuses on a target group that differs in its thematic orientation from that of the Open Space ("Mobility meets everyone").

The opening for B2C enables the exhibitors (brands) to reach a valuable and so far not considered target group: Progressive private persons who are interested in technical and scientific topics. In addition to the B2C audience, the area is also open to visitors with a Summit ticket. Exhibitors in the B2C area also have access to the Summit and its integrated conference formats.


The minimum size is 25 square meters per exhibitor, separately declared areas are excluded. More information will follow later.


The maximum area is 2,000 sqm per exhibitor / brand.

The stand rental prices as well as the other mandatory costs can be found here.


The prices for the services at the IAA Summit can be found here

Construction at the Summit begins on Friday, August 27, 2021 at 08:00 hrs and ends on Sunday, September 5, 2021 at 18:00 hrs.  

The dismantling period begins on Sunday, September 12, 2021 when the event ends and ends on Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 18:00 hrs.  

Yes, a  continuous construction and dismantling time is planned.

Yes, a fee-based advanced assembly is possible from August 24, 2021.

No, extended dismantling is not possible.

Night-time conversions are possible in agreement with the Technical Exhibitor Service of Messe München GmbH.

The costs of the disposal fee amount to 6 EUR/m². This includes the disposal of all waste during assembly and dismantling as well as the duration of the event.

Excluded from this are complete stand construction elements and production waste (e.g. from the presentation of production processes during the event and therefore rather irrelevant for the IAA). The individual commissioning of waste disposal by the exhibitors is therefore not necessary. As before, stand cleaning must be ordered separately.

We offer you a unique experience. Our new hall concept combines offers from thr areas of exposition, conference, hospitality, working and networking. Exhibitots representing the entire spectrum of tomorrow’s mobility will be represented across all halls. This allows companies to present themselves as part of the entire value chain.

Start-ups will receive their own format, for which you can find out more here from January 2021.

The experience-oriented B2C areas on the exhibition grounds are an extension of the Open Space. They are located in the east of the trade fair grounds and are characterized by thematically clustered halls and access to a large outdoor area. The ideal place for exhibitors if their products and services are aimed directly at end consumers. Because the size and location on site offers them a wide range of participation opportunities that would not be possible in the city center.


IAA Conference

The conference will take place from September 8-10, 2021.

The conference is the thematic focus of the summit. All future-oriented topics in the field of mobility with a focus on the entire value-added chain will be placed here. Also education and matchmaking with the right players in the industry will be part of the event. Detailed information will follow at a later date, the concept of the IAA Conference is currently being developed.


Detailed information will follow at a later date. If you are interested, please feel free to be listed as an interested party.

There will be general stages in the summit that can be used by all exhibitors for press conferences, product presentations and keynotes, for example on the first day of the summit. The slots are allocated in coordination with the program of the IAA Conference.

Detailed information will follow at a later date.

Detailed information will follow at a later date.


Details will be worked out in summer. More information will follow later.

Detailed information is currently being developed and will follow at a later date.

Yes. Individual brandings can be implemented digitally.


So-called “Preferred Partners” are used on the exhibition grounds. There is no caterer connection on your own stand space, which is also not the case in rented conference rooms.

A process-based catering concept is currently being developed for the open space. At some places (e.g. Marienplatz and Kaiserhof) the surrounding restaurateurs are involved. Detailed information is currently being developed and will follow at a later date.


If you are interested in participating in the gastronomy concept, we are happy to accept suggestions.


We are currently working on a partner model.

Driving license registration / registration is planned for the IAA app. Details including an extensive data protection concept are still being worked out.

A comprehensive concept for equipping the IAA with sufficient data is currently being developed.


The exhibitor and his staff employed during the exhibition have a limited number of free exhibitor passes available. The number of free exhibitor passes is calculated as follows:

• Stand space up to 20 m²: 4 exhibitor passes

• For each additional 10 m² or part thereof: 1 exhibitor pass

Yes, the summit is open to all visitors at the weekend and is accessible with all valid ticket types.

Essencially, the open space in public places is accessible to everyone. As part of the IAA app, a concept for a participation fee that unlocks certain experiences, such as free use of local public transport, discounts in restaurants and beer gardens, competitions, etc. is under review.

No. There will be different ticket formats.

Yes, there will always be opportunities to buy tickets at various locations around the city.

The use is planned, further information will follow later.

Further details are currently being worked on and will follow at a later date.