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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have tried to provide answers to all the important - and most frequently asked - questions. A look at the FAQs might answer your questions, too.

IAA in general

The IAA MOBILITY will take place in Munich from September 7 to 12, 2021. On September 6, 2021, media representatives from around the world will be able to explore new models and innovations from all areas of mobility. For further details please check out out information brochure.

The Summit (B2B area) and the Open Space Extended (B2B2C area) on the exhibition grounds will be open from September 7 to 11, 2021, from 9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. On September 6, 2021, an exclusive press and media day will be held from 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. on the exhibition grounds. On September 12, 2021, the fairgrounds will close at 5.00 pm.

For visitors, the Summit will be open from September 10, 2021, 14.00 h and on the weekend.

For public the opening of the Open Space in downtown Munich will take place on September 7, 2021 at 14.00 h. From September 8 to –11, 2021, the hours of operation will be 10.00 h – 20.00 h. On September 12, 2021, the Open Space will close at 17.00 h. Please also take a look at our detailed schedule.

Participation in both formats ensures that you will reach all your target groups. The two formats have a fundamentally different target group focus. With the division into Open Space and Summit, there is a clear separation of the target groups. The Summit focuses on B2B with the objectives innovation, education, exchange and information. The Summit is an exchange for people who rethink mobility: Mobility meets Professionals. In the Open Space B2C meets brand experience, image, dialog and entertainment. The latest and efficient vehicles are shown as well as innovative concepts and the mobility solutions can be experienced directly on site: Mobility meets Everybody.

Yes, exhibitors who present themselves in the Summit and in the Open Space receive the area in the Open Space at a discounted price.

The IAA is no longer a purely physical event that takes place every two years. It will be the mobility and tech platform for the mobility of the future, combining all the overarching mobility topics throughout the year and offering various physical and digital touchpoints. This enables many ways to participate, for example in the context of the Open Innovation Project or a podcast etc.

We expect the highest number of visitors on the weekend. The Summit will also be open to B2C visitors on Saturday and Sunday, offering automotive and mobility-savvy visitors the opportunity to see the technical innovations of the mobility and tech industries. This enables all visitor groups to get an idea of ​​how sustainable mobility is put into practice in the B2B and B2C areas.

We cannot make any statements about the exact number of visitors. The concept of the new IAA in Munich includes many fundamentally different formats that make it difficult to make a forecast compared to the past. The squares in the city center guarantee a very high number of visitors due to their central location.

Yes, various sponsorship packages are currently being developed for all components.

For further information please contact Mr Patrick Keller

Your address and communication details in the IAA online catalog and the IAA App, three entries in the list of products and services in the IAA online catalog and the IAA App, teaser text (approx. 150 characters) in all exhibitor lists and company text (800 characters) in the exhibitors’ profile in the IAA online catalog and the IAA App, key visual in the exhibitors’ profile in the IAA online catalog and the IAA App, social media links in the IAA online catalog and the IAA App, alphabetical entry in the IAA visitors’ guide.

Via the Exhibitor Shop under Badges and Tickets - Parking permits. They will be sent to you by mail. If you have any questions, please contact us directly: APCOA PARKING Deutschland GmbH Phone +49 89 949-28130


There are 10 charging stations in the West Parking Garage.


Please contact our media agency JL Medien:


For general information, please contact the front office: Phone: +49 (0) 89 949 11718 Mail: Special information and technical info is available from the Technical Exhibitor Service: Mail:

IAA Exhibitor Passes & Ticketing

The exhibitor and his staff employed during the exhibition have a limited number of free exhibitor passes available. The number of free exhibitor passes is calculated as follows:

• Stand space up to 20 m²: 4 exhibitor passes

• For each additional 10 m² or part thereof: 1 exhibitor pass

Yes, the Summit is open to all visitors at the weekend and is accessible with all valid ticket types.

Essentially, the Open Space in public places is accessible to everyone. As part of the IAA App, a concept for a participation fee that unlocks certain experiences, such as free use of local public transport, discounts in restaurants and beer gardens, competitions, etc. is under review.

No. There will be different ticket formats.

Yes, there will always be opportunities to buy tickets at various locations around the city.

The inclusion of public transport is planned. Further information will follow later.

Voucher tickets can be ordered via the Exhibitor Shop - Ticket Management. Categories and prices are listed in the attached presentation.

The flat is calculated according to the stand size and is obligatory. The redeemed visitor tickets for your guests and employees will be counted against the flat in the final invoice.


Only redeemed tickets are charged against the flat rate. However, the evaluation only takes place after the event.


You can order as many exhibitor passes as you like. You have a certain number of free exhibitor passes depending on the size or package. If you need more, you will be charged for the additional passes in the final invoice.


The passes are valid for both the exhibition grounds and Open Space areas. Validity exhibitor pass: September 6 – 12, 2021 For before and after the event you will need a build-up or dismantling pass. All passes can be ordered via the Exhibitor Shop. Please note that each pass must be personalized.


Only redeemed exhibitor passes will be deducted from this. The evaluation takes place only after the event.


Unfortunately, the company name cannot be changed independently. You have the possibility to change the company name for all badges once. Please contact us for this purpose.


Co-exhibitors can order voucher tickets and passes via their own access. In the final invoice, the redeemed tickets will be offset against the main exhibitor's contingents. If there is a special allocation, please let us know.


The number is added manually in the system and there may be delays here. If you see an incorrect number, please contact us.


The flat rate can only be used for voucher tickets.


These can be ordered in the store, as well as on site. Each badge must be personalized.


Set-up and dismantling passes are free of charge.


Please contact our registration directly:


According to the current hygiene protection concept, registration and personalization of tickets is required.


IAA Open Space

Exclusive inner-city spaces become the stage for urban presentations, new formats and unique experiences, with visitors guaranteed. The latest and efficient vehicles and innovative concepts will be displayed - outside the exhibition halls. In addition, the mobility solutions presented are made tangible on site. There visitors can test everything from automobiles and e-scooters to e-bikes.

The Open Space in downtown Munich will open on September 7, 2021, at 14.00 h, slightly after the Summit on the exhibition grounds. After that it will be open from September 8 to 11, 2021, from 10.00 h to 20.00 h and on Sunday, September 12, 2021, until 17.00 h.

The minimum size is 50 square meters per exhibitor, excluding separately declared areas. More information will follow later.

The maximum area is 1,000 sq m per exhibitor / brand.

This is theoretically possible, but will be examined case by case. The space in the Open Space is limited and should enable all exhibitors to present various aspects such as experience, information and entertainment.

The stand rental prices in the different locations e.g. Residenzhöfe, Marstallplatz/Hofgartenstraße, Königsplatz, Odeonsplatz/Ludwigstraße/Residenzstraße and Wittelsbacherplatz/Max-Joseph-Platz as well as the manadatory costs can be found in our Overview of Stand Rental

For the allocation and assignment of the limited space available, the mobility concepts submitted must meet certain requirements in terms of innovativeness and sustainability. Detailed information on the requirements to be met can be found in the document Requirements for the Presentations in Open Space.

Mobility concepts based on sustainable, innovative and transparent construction, which fit harmoniously into the overall picture of the squares are preferred. In all of the mobility solutions shown, there is a strong focus on emission-free and low-emission solutions. In contrast to classic brand presentations, elements that focus on dialogue and cultural entertainment should also prevail in the Open Space. The exhibitors are obliged to make their presentations CO2-neutral. Further details can be found in the Requirements for Presentations in the Open Space.

According to the requirements of the City of Munich, the brand presentations must be implemented in a climate-neutral manner. Our partner myclimate is organizing the balance sheet CO2-neutral stand presentations.The emission values of the exhibitors' IAA presentations are determined individually and offsetting offers are prepared on this basis. Once the exhibitors have successfully offset their emissions, they will receive their myclimate-label for their carbon neutral commitment.

A two-story construction is currently possible on all available spaces. One exception is the area at the Hofgarten. Only a single-story construction is possible in this loacation.

Please contact Messe München’s OpenMesseService for further details concerning the maximum floor loads on spaces.

The Open Space spaces will be available for set-up daily from 06.00 - 22.00 h beginning Thursday, September 2, 2021, through Monday, September 6, 2021. Dismantling begins on Sunday, September 12, 2021, at 18.00 h. From Monday, September 13, 2021, to Wednesday, September 15, 2021, dismantling is daily from 06.00 h - 22.00 h. Please contact Messe München’s Open Messe Service for further information.

During the construction and dismantling periods, building work can take place daily from 06.00 h until 22.00 h.

A dynamic logistics concept will be developed in the course of further planning.

Please contact Messe München’s OpenMesseService for further details.

Detailed information will follow at a later date.

Technical supply lines are guaranteed. Please contact Messe München’s OpenMesseService for further details.

The prices of the range of services related to stand construction in Open Space, such as electrical connections, internet access and WLAN, logistics services and cleaning can be found in the Open Space Pricelist Service-Shop.

Advertising measures are generally only possible within the rented stand space. However, clearly recognizable (special) sales campaigns are not permitted.


In the Residenzhöfe, orientation markings may be made by brands. Large-scale product and sales-oriented posters outside of optically shielded structures are not permitted. More details may follow.

The coordination with possible additional locations is still ongoing. More information will follow later.

The comprehensive security concept of the IAA is developed in close coordination with the security authorities of the city of Munich. Due to external circumstances, short-term adjustments may be necessary at any time. This does not replace the safety concepts of the exhibitors on their respective presentation areas (including the assembly and dismantling times). More information will follow later.

Each exhibitor is responsible for guarding its own exhibition area. Further information will follow at a later date.

Authorities and organizers will prepare adequately for the expected flow of visitors. Proven concepts (such as for the Oktoberfest or bauma) are used as a basis and adapted accordingly. More information will follow later.

A sanitary concept is currently being developed.

The disposal of waste generated on the stand areas during assembly and dismantling, as well as during the entire duration of the event, is coordinated centrally and is handled by Messe München's service partners. Exhibitors will be invoiced on the basis of a mandatory disposal fee of 12.00 EUR/m² stand area plus VAT. The corresponding amount will be invoiced to the exhibitor with the admission prior to the event.

This fee does not include the disposal of production waste (e.g. from machine demonstrations or major catering activities), individual stand construction elements and complete exhibition stands.

In addition, the waste disposal regulations in the Organizational & Technical Guidelines for IAA 2021 apply.

A special service has been set up for Munich citizens from now until September 16, the end of the IAA MOBILITY.

This can be reached as follows:

Phone: +49 89 949 21220

Tourist Info at Neues Rathaus at Marienplatz

Mo-Fr 10am -6pm
Sa 9am - 5pm
So 10am - 2pm

IAA Blue Lane

An integral part of the new IAA concept is a multimodal transfer axis that can be experienced between the two event venues – the Summit and the Open Space. The Blue Lane is made up of four different parts: Road, Underground, Micromobility and Future. On the Blue Lane Road, which will be designated as an environmental lane in certain sections, visitors will be able to experience the latest innovations in BEVs (electric vehicles), PHEVs (plug in hybrids) and FCEV (fuel cell) vehicles in real-life traffic in the form of test drives and/or shuttle rides.

The Blue Lane Road between Summit and the Open Space is available for the shuttle service and test drives. Official IAA shuttle buses are primarily used to transport the high number of people traveling between the Summit and the Open Space. Individual test drives in vehicles from the participating manufacturers can be booked in advance via the IAA MOBILITY app or requested spontaneously at the respective arrival and departure points.

The Blue Lane will run along the A94 from the trade fair center via Prinzregentenstrasse to Königsplatz. In the opposite direction, the route will run via Karl-Scharnagl-Ring, Maximilianstraße, Einsteinstraße and via the A94 back to the trade fair center. The Blue Lane Road will be designated as an environmental lane in certain sections.


With a few exceptions (Wittelsbacher Platz and Max-Joseph-Platz), the arrival and departure points at the Summit and Open Space will be provided by the organizer. Interested exhibitors can find all details and conditions in the Blue Lane "How to".

There are four locations in the Open Space that allow shuttles and test drives to depart nearby. These are Königsplatz, which is directly connected to the Blue Lane, Max-Joseph-Platz with an underground parking garage, Wittelsbacherplatz and Odeonsplatz. It is not possible, to depart directly from the exhibition area.

The environmental lane may be used by zero-emission vehicles, car-pooling vehicles (occupied by at least three people), and public transport. All vehicles must be approved according to the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO). Private vehicles that meet the requirements may also use the environmental lane.

PHEV’s with E-license plates are allowed to use the Blue Lane Road, as long as those vehicles are operated in the electric mode.

Driving on the Blue Lane is not subject to any charges.

The Blue Lane concept generally provides for one departure point at the Summit and one departure point at the Open Space. This ensures that your brand receives maximum visibility and reach, and that visitors can use the Blue Lane Road as a multimodal transfer route between the two venues.


Exhibitors who have booked a stand area at the Open Space will be allocated an arrival and departure point near their stand area. Exhibitors who have not booked a stand area at the Open Space will be distributed among the arrival and departure points still available at the Open Space. The organizer will decide on the allocation of the containers; exhibitors will not be given a choice.


Each exhibitor is currently free to choose the number of vehicles they would like to register for the Blue Lane. Please note that the number of parking spaces at the arrival and departure points at the Summit and Open Space is determined by the total number of participating exhibitors and is limited.

Each exhibitor registered for the Blue Lane will be allocated a certain number of parking spaces at the assigned arrival and departure points at the Summit and Open Space. A concrete allocation of the parking spaces for the various arrival and departure points can be found in the How to Blue Lane.

Test drives outside the Blue Lane can be planned independently by the manufacturers. However, the Blue Lane offers an excellent opportunity to operate on a test track in an urban traffic environment.

No, there are no further exclusive test tracks besides the Blue Lane Road.

This functionality exists. Individual test drives with participating exhibitors can be booked via the IAA MOBILITY App. There will be more specific information on this at a later time.

The city council supports the Blue Lane as part of an overall project in which the feasibility of a proposed transfer axis and its elaboration for sustainable transport concepts and emission-free drive trains are being examined. The IAA represents the pilot test of a high-occupancy vehicle lane on a given road and route. The goal is to make the Blue Lane permanent as of 2023.

You can find an overview, concrete planning, as well as a map listing the available parking garages in the How to Blue Lane.

Replacement vehicles can be placed in temporary parking at the Messe München exhibition grounds. Please indicate during the number of replacement vehicles you are planning.

At the Open Space and alongside the Blue Lane Road, the existing charging infrastructure of Stadtwerke München can be used. Interested exhibitors can find the locations of the charging stations and their terms of use in our How to Blue Lane. Unfortunately, we cannot implement a temporarily charging infrastructure at the arrival and departure points at the Open Space.
The main loading stations (especially at night) are going to be located in the hall A5. Intermediate charging at the Summit can be guaranteed via additional charging stations (AC & DC) at the exhibition grounds. AC charging of the vehicles is possible at the parking spaces 8. DC charging is possible on FG North. You can find the details, as well as the allocated parking/ charging lots in the How to Blue Lane.

At the Open Space and alongside the Blue Lane Road, the existing charging infrastructure of Stadtwerke München can be used. Interested exhibitors can find the locations of the charging stations and their terms of use in our How to Blue Lane. Unfortunately, we cannot implement a temporarily charging infrastructure at the arrival and departure points at the Open Space.
The main loading stations (especially at night) are going to be located in the hall A5. Intermediate charging at the Summit can be guaranteed via additional charging stations (AC & DC) at the exhibition grounds. AC charging of the vehicles is possible at the parking spaces 8. DC charging is possible on FG North. You can find the details, as well as the allocated parking/ charging lots in the How to Blue Lane.

Exhibitors who wish to use the charging infrastructure offered by the organizer at the Summit or the public charging infrastructure of Stadtwerke München along the Blue Lane can find details and conditions in the Blue Lane "How to".

A large number of car washes are located along Blue Lane and in the immediate vicinity of the Summit that can be used for the preparation of vehicles. Dry preparation and vacuuming of vehicles can also be done in the exhibition hall A6, if the flat rate for additional costs is booked. Participating exhibitors will be allocated to fixed car preparation spaces. Interested exhibitors can find all details, the assigned spaces and information on preparation options in the Blue Lane "How to".


A special service has been set up for Munich citizens from now until September 16, the end of the IAA MOBILITY.

This can be reached as follows:

Phone: +49 89 949 21220

Tourist Info at Neues Rathaus at Marienplatz

Mo-Fr 10am -6pm
Sa 9am - 5pm
So 10am - 2pm

IAA Summit

The Summit constitutes the core content of the new IAA 2021 and the ideal stage for companies as innovators in the mobility industry. Under the slogan “Mobility meets Professionals”, we offer exhibitors many other formats such as press conferences, stage presentations and networking elements in addition to the classic rental of exhibition space. This is the perfect opportunity for companies to present themselves and their products and to make valuable contacts. With the Conference as part of the Summit, we offer exhibitors informative and participatory conference formats that allow all participants to experience the Summit's range of topics.

With the Conference as part of the Summit, exhibitors are offered informative and participatory conference formats that make the Summit's range of topics tangible for all attendees.

For trade visitors, the Summit and for trade visitors and B2C audience, the Open Space Extended will be open from September 7 to 11, 2021, from 09.00 h to 18.00 h, and on Sunday, September 12, 2021, from 09.00 h to 17.00 h.

On Friday, September 10, 2021, from 14.00 h, and on the weekend, the Summit will be open to B2C visitors.

On Monday, September 6, 2021, the Summit will be open from 08.00 h to 18.00 h exclusively for members of the press and media. You can also find an outline in our time schedule.

The opening of the Summit on the weekend for B2C focuses on a target group that has a different thematic orientation from that of the Open Space ("Mobility meets everyone").

The opening for B2C enables the exhibitors (brands) to reach a valuable target group that has not been catered for so far: progressive private persons who are interested in technical and scientific topics.

In addition to the B2C audience, the area is also open to visitors with a Summit ticket.

Exhibitors in the B2C area also have access to the Summit and its integrated conference formats.


The experience-oriented B2B2C areas on the exhibition grounds are an extension of the Open Space in the direct vicinity of the Summit. The Open Space Extended extends over Halls B4, B5 and B6 and, in addition to thematically clustered halls, is characterized by access to a large outdoor area. The ideal place for exhibitors if their products and services are aimed directly at end consumers and trade visitors, because the size and location of the site offer them a wide range of participation opportunities that would not be possible in the city center.

From Tuesday, September 7, 2021, the Open Space Extended will be open daily to trade visitors and end consumers from 09.00 h to 18.00 h (Sunday, September 12, 2021, until 17.00 h).

Exhibitors in the B2B2C area also have access to the Summit and the Conference formats integrated into it.

The minimum area is 25 sq m per exhibitor in the Summit and 50 sq m in the Open Space, excluding registrations of Start-up Packages, Bike Packages and Sports Cars Packages.

The maximum area is 2,000 sq m per exhibitor/brand.

The stand rental costs at the Summit comprise the basic rental costs plus surcharges for the booth types. The stand rental does not include stand construction. In Open Space, the stand rental price depends on the location. The stand construction is also not included in the stand rental for the Open Space. You can find details of stand rental prices as well as the other mandatory costs in our Stand Rental Overview


In the overview of the prices of the services for the Summit and for the Open Space we offer you the possibility to estimate the costs in advance. As of mid-May, you will be able to view the prices in the Messe München Exhibitor Shop.

Summit set-up will begin at 07.00 h on Friday, August 27, 2021, and end at 18.00 h on Sunday, September 5, 2021. 

Dismantling time is scheduled to begin at 18.00 h on Sunday, September 12, 2021, and end at 18.00 h on Thursday, September 16, 2021.

In the periods mentioned, the assembly and dismantling times are daily from 7.00 h to 23.00 h.

Yes, a fee-based advanced assembly is possible from August 24, 2021.

No, extended dismantling is not possible.

Night-time conversions are possible in agreement with the Technical Exhibitor Service of Messe München GmbH.

The disposal fee is 6 EUR/m². This includes the disposal of all waste during assembly and dismantling as well as the duration of the event.

This does not include complete stand construction elements and production waste (e.g. from the presentation of production processes during the event and therefore rather irrelevant for the IAA). Exhibitors therefore do not have to order waste disposal individually. As before, stand cleaning must be ordered separately.

We offer you a unique experience. Our new hall concept combines offers from the areas of exposition, conference, hospitality, working and networking. Exhibitors representing the entire spectrum of tomorrow’s mobility will be represented across all halls. This allows companies to present themselves as part of the entire value chain.

Start-ups are given their own format, which you can learn more about in our Start-ups Exposé document. If you have any questions, please contact Simon Bellin.

IAA Conference

The IAA MOBILITY Conference is the English-language B2B conference of the IAA MOBILITY and thus the ideal foundation for the IAA’s content. From September 8 to 10, we will offer international keynotes, talks and debates on the mobility of the future on our stages. The German-language social dialog will take place in parallel throughout the event on Marienplatz and on the weekend on the stages at the exhibition grounds.


The conference is the thematic focus of the summit. All future-oriented topics in the field of mobility with a focus on the entire value-added chain will be placed here. This applies to broader topics such as sustainability and urban mobility as well as to more specific topics such as connectivity and autonomous driving. The IAA MOBILITY focuses primarily on individual mobility. Transportation and logistics topics will be the subject of the IAA Transportation one year later. Education and matchmaking with the right players in the industry will also be part of the event.


The registration for the Call for Paper ended on March 29, 2021. From April on we will start evaluating all applications received and compiling the program of the IAA Conference. As soon as the final program is fixed, we will publish it. After that time, submissions are only possible in exceptional cases.

On the press days, we offer the Summit stages integrated in the halls to all exhibitors for press conferences, product presentations and keynotes. The Industry Forum open to exhibitors can also be booked from Wednesday to Sunday. The slots are allocated in line with the IAA Conference program. Information on renting the stages on the press days is available in the Overview of Costs and Conditions for Press Activities. If you have any questions, please contact 

The stages at IAA MOBILITY are fully equipped, including video recording and livestreaming. Not all stages are drivable. Stage size varies from 100 seats to 700 seats (not taking into account any COVID measures). With the exception of one stage in the ICM and the stages in Open Space, all stages are located in the halls on the exhibition grounds as an integral part of the Summit.

The prices for the Industry Forum can be found in the current brochure.  

The prices for renting the stages on the press days can be found in the Overview of Costs and Conditions for Press Activities

If you wish to use the stages in the evenings or on the weekend, please contact us:

Booking of the slots is now possible. The bookable slots can be found in the Industry Forum brochure on page 7.

In addition to the Industry Forum, there is also the option of holding a Corporate Master Class or booking a conference or networking slot in our unique Business Club House. More information is available at


IAA Virtual

The IAA 2021 will take place on-site and an in a digital format - more information about the IAA MOBILITY Virtual will be available at from May onwards - if you have any questions about it now, please contact

With the Virtual Summit you address your B2B target groups. The focus is on digital networking offers such as keynotes or master classes and information content such as your Company Profile and your company's products and services.

The Virtual Event platform is the virtual extension of the Summit. It is a meeting place for decision-makers and is intended to support exhibitors in reaching B2B customers who cannot physically attend the Summit. The main aim is to increase exhibitors’ international reach. 

No. Just like the physical Summit, the virtual platform is primarily intended to address trade visitors and the press. The virtual Summit is thus seamlessly integrated into the overall IAA MOBILITY customer journey, which is designed from the outset as a hybrid event. 

Every holder of a physical B2B ticket (trade visitors, start-ups, exhibitor representatives, speakers, Conference Plus ticketholders, exhibitor representatives), as well as press representatives / influencers. In addition, there will be digital passes for purely digital visitors. B2C ticketholders cannot log into this area and are instead directed to the virtual Open Space.

The livestreamed Open Space format is accessible to everyone and is aimed specifically at B2C target groups. You will be provided with information on the initial formats and participation options in the next section of this presentation. Your presence in the exhibitor portal on (which is available to all participant groups, including B2C) enables you to reach the B2C / Open Space target group with your specific content. 

IAA Press

You have the option of holding press activities on this day. You can host activities at your own stand, book a slot on one of the conference stages, rent a room in the ICM Congress Center or a room in the Press Centers West or East. A pre-visit of the rooms is possible by arrangement. In our overview of press activities you will find further details of possible activities at the IAA MOBILITY 2021. If you can already tell us when and where you would like to host your press conference or other press activities, please send this information to the following mailbox: By registering in due time, you will help us in our efforts to avoid scheduling overlaps. We expect to be able to send you the first detailed information regarding the planning status in the spring. After several rounds of internal coordination, you will then receive a final placement from us in summer.

This will be coordinated with Messe München from mid-March 2021. Further details can be found in the Press Activities overview.

Yes. Individual brandings can be implemented digitally.

IAA Gastronomy

So-called “Preferred Partners” are used on the exhibition grounds. There is no designated caterer for your stand space or for rented conference rooms.

A process-based catering concept is currently being developed for the open space. At some places (e.g. Marienplatz and Kaiserhof) the surrounding restaurateurs are involved. Detailed information is currently being developed and will follow at a later date.

If you are interested in participating in the gastronomy concept, we are happy to accept suggestions.


We are currently working on a partner model.

Driving license registration is planned for the IAA app. Details including an extensive data protection concept are still being worked out.

A comprehensive concept for sufficient data transfer for the IAA is currently being developed.

No. We will transfer your basic profile data from the IAA ticket shop to both the app and the virtual platform. However, you can then enrich your profile on both platforms by adding interests/topic fields in order to generate even more precise contact matches.


We are always keeping an eye on the development of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new IAA concept offers various options for responding to this with suitable hygiene strategies, should this be necessary. The exhibition grounds at the Summit can be planned relatively flexibly to allow for larger distances, and the Open Space is outdoors, which also allows for use of different hygiene strategies. We are monitoring current developments with Messe München, which is constantly adapting hygiene concepts and developing them for the events that will start again soon. Unfortunately, a more precise forecast for September 2021 is not possible at this time. We believe that the IAA Mobility can be held in September.


Based on the latest information, the IAA Mobility can and will take place from September 7 to 12, 2021. A comprehensive protection and hygiene strategy is in place at the exhibition grounds of Messe München, which is constantly being reviewed and adapted. For the Open Space areas in the center of Munich, there will also be a hygiene strategy adapted to the on-site specifics, which we will inform you about in due time. We are in constant contact with the responsible authorities. In the event that the IAA  is canceled by the VDA we will waive the cancelation fee of 10% of the stand rent. We will reimburse you the full amount of stand rents that have already been paid.


We have adjusted our cancellation conditions due to the Corona pandemic. Should there be a cancellation on our part, our adjusted cancellation regulations from paragraph 113 - 117 in our show conditions will take effect. In our Checklist of Cancellation Details you will find an overview of the conditions.

We have decided to help exhibitors as much as possible who are affected by a government travel ban in Germany or abroad and are not allowed to enter the country. Therefore, in these cases, exhibitors will receive a refund of 90% of the stand rental fee if stand operation is not possible due to entry bans and this can be proven.


The IAA 2021 is planned as a physical event. Since we see ourselves as a mobility platform that communicates mobility not only during the event, but also before and after it 365 days a year, we are already placing a lot of digital content. We are in the process of developing digital and hybrid formats in addition to the on-site event. There will not be a purely virtual IAA 2021.


The timing of the IAA 2021 in September has been well considered. Of course, we cannot make any precise statements for September 2021, but we will keep you informed of the current situation at all times. We believe purely digital events cannot be a substitute for face-to-face events and want to show how an international on-site platform with extensive protective measures and hygiene strategies can function even under pandemic conditions. We ensure the protection of our exhibitors and visitors. Taking into account the assessments, the summer months from June to September 2021 are considered the best time for events. Exhibitors can reactivate their business relationships again as well as customer contacts through personal contacts and meetings. We, as organizers, will bear a large part of the risk.


The protection of our exhibitors and visitors has the highest priority. Necessary hygiene strategies are continuously adapted to the current pandemic situation and coordinated with the responsible authorities. We will communicate these to all exhibitors at the earliest opportunity as soon as they have been drawn up.