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The new IAA Munich Mobility Show

The IAA Munich Mobility Show 2021 from September 7 to 12 September in Munich showcases the mobility of the future, commitment to constant change and a platform for all those shaping the future.

Mobility is the foundation for freedom, prosperity, and encounters. We face new challenges daily, such as urbanization, climate change, and digitization. But instead of borders, we recognize the call for action. It is up to us to go new ways, ask questions, and find answers. Become part of the IAA Munich Mobility Show platform, because your voice is crucial for the global change in mobility. Your journey begins now.

„Driving tomorrow – it’s your turn to lead into a new era of mobility.“


IAA Munich Mobility Show 2021

Lead this change into a new experience that is more open, diverse, digital. We must rethink mobility every day. It is about much more than cars. It is not just a matter of working closely as an industry, but of taking the right steps together. What we need is strong connections – between experts and industry, between automobiles and smart devices, between corporations and customers, between rails and roads, and above all between individuals. Take advantage of the new IAA Munich Mobility Show to establish valuable contacts and connections that span whole topics and industries.

  • The new IAA Munich Mobility Show means dialogue. Become the most important partner when it comes to making the future of public mobility a tangible experience. We offer you a platform for direct interactions with citizens and networks.
  • The new IAA Munich Mobility Show means diversity. It is open to the entire mobility chain – established brands meet determined pioneers. We invite innovative thinkers and initiators from all fields and represent a complete range of opinions. Use this diversity to showcase your point of view.
  • The new IAA Munich Mobility Show means a platform. It enables communication and discussion of mobility throughout the year. It is not only present locally in Munich but also nationally at other satellite events and offers international appeal with a digital platform.

The New IAA – a New Concept

Not only does the content appeal to every mobility enthusiast, …

The Summit in the halls of the Munich Trade Fair Center, whose theme and staging are completely geared to the needs of the B2B sector. And the Open Space, which transforms downtown Munich into a mobility experience for B2C visitors.

As a 360° mobility platform, the Open Space invites everyone not only to exchange ideas on mobility but also to try out new concepts for themselves. Therefore vehicle highlights, autonomous modes of transport, and brand-new technologies are also available outside the exhibition halls. Instead of classic brand staging, the Open Space focuses on dialogue and entertainment formats.

IAA visitors will experience all levels of mobility, from the Blue Lane to micro-mobility circuits. Test-drives: behind the steering wheel or on cargo bikes, e-bikes, or e-scooters. Exclusive city-center and nearby spaces will become the hotspots for urban staging, new formats, and unique experiences in 2021.

Become part of the radical further development!

… and combine your latest low and zero-emission models with test-drives for all visitors.

Open Space

Use the Open Space to offer all visitors a unique mobility experience throughout the city. Munich will be the venue for a citywide dialogue about visions, innovations, and solutions in which you and your products can become the central theme.

Blue Lane

The Blue Lane is the fastest way to make sustainability tangible. Use IAA’s first-ever city-center test track as a link between the Summit and the Open Space and combine your latest low- and no-emission models with test-drives for all visitors.

Open Space

Present your brand, products, and ideas to the general public in the heart of downtown Munich.

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IAA exhibitor talking to a visitor


Do not just exhibit – enable visitors to try out your innovations directly on-site.

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Blue Lane

Reach top decision makers, industry giants, strong partners, and leading tech companies in the industry with your booth at the IAA 2021.

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The Summit is the technical core of the new IAA. Here, everyone who wants to contribute to the future of mobility gets a voice. Enter into a dialogue that challenges the status quo. This is where decision makers, experts, industries and initiators develop the mobility of tomorrow and accelerate innovations.


The IAA Mobility Conference is offering informative and participatory conference formats, making the broad range of topics tangible for all visitors. You can obtain more information here about our attractive participation opportunities, for example places in the IAA Academy masterclasses.

IAA Conference Brochure

Sustainable Footprint

Both the city of Munich and the people who live in it should benefit from the IAA in the long term. That is why we use environmentally friendly exhibition formats and framework conditions to ensure that new mobility approaches, charging points, and other interfaces remain accessible and usable after the IAA.

It has repeatedly reinvented itself…