IAA MOBILITY Blue Lane: experiencing mobility

The Blue Lane will enable visitors to experience “up close” future and sustainable mobility solutions on demand. It will connect the Summit with the Open Space, and function as a combined transfer route and test track.

Blue Lane through Munich to the IAA MOBILITY

The Blue Lane will run from the Open Space in Munich’s city center to the Summit on the exhibition grounds in the east of the city. As a test track and transfer route it offers the ideal setting for demonstrating new mobility technologies. What is more, local public transport, the underground rail system and cycle paths will also be integrated.

The Blue Lane itself is designed as a high occupancy vehicle lane for use only by vehicles with at least two occupants. The idea is to reduce the number of vehicles on busy roads and to encourage ridesharing. Only zero or low-emission vehicles will be permitted on the grounds of the Summit.

Local public transport and cycle paths will be integrated into the Blue Lane.
Local public transport and cycle paths will be integrated into the Blue Lane.

Blue Lane – Road

On the Blue Lane Road connecting the trade show grounds with the city center visitors can try out the latest vehicle innovations in real-life traffic by taking test drives and/or shuttle trips. Exhibitors will be on site demonstrating their forward-looking technologies and features such as congestion assistants, AVP, 5G and intelligent traffic lights.

In addition, bus operators and manufacturers will be displaying their zero-emission vehicles as official IAA shuttle buses on the Blue Lane Road between the Summit and the Open Space. The bus rides will be enriched with various formats, e.g. talks, lectures, concerts, VR/AR applications, etc., thus offering visitors unique mobility experiences.

Blue Lane – Underground

The existing metro line between the exhibition site and Königsplatz is to become the IAA Blue Lane Underground during the event and provide a direct connection for visitors. Another direct metro line between the exhibition site and Odeonsplatz is also planned for the duration of the IAA under the name of Blue Lane Underground. Implementation modalities are currently being examined.

Blue Lane – Micromobility

  • Mobility on demand: a mobility hub between Amiraplatz and Königsplatz will offer visitors a chance to give the latest micromobility solutions a thorough test.
  • Mobility to own: products from bicycle manufacturers can be tried out in Hofgartenstraße and on Marstallplatz.

Blue Lane – Future

Hands-on future mobility! On the Summit’s open-air site visitors will be able to experience the mobility topics of the future for themselves. The plans include an area for urban air mobility and a test route for forward-looking vehicle technologies that cannot be exhibited yet in normal road traffic.

Furthermore, an autonomous shuttle will be set up in cooperation with a selected partner on the grounds of the Summit, to bring visitors from A to B with the latest driverless technology.