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Advantages & Formats

Only those who are ready for change can play a role in shaping the future. We are definitely prepared, and we are already thinking of ways to transform the IAA. Are you ready? The stage is yours.

Discover the new formats Summit, Blue Lane and Open Space.

The IAA Mobility 2021 is as complex as mobility itself

Not only do we pick up every mobility enthusiast in terms of content,  but we also create three unique formats – Open Space, Blue Lane,  and Summit – each with an entirely different focus and all kinds of  new opportunities. The Summit in the halls of the Munich Trade Fair Center, which is thematically and scenically oriented to the needs of the press and B2B visitors. The Blue Lane as a test track for sustainable technologies. The Open Space, which transforms downtown Munich into a mobility experience for B2C visitors.

Summit - Mobility meets Professionals

The IAA Mobility 2021 is of key interest to the press, the target audiences, and the entire public. The Summit forms the content core of the IAA Mobility 2021 and is the perfect stage for innovators in the mobility sector. In line with the motto "Mobility meets Professionals", we offer alongside the classic rental of exhibition spaces additional formats such as press conferences, presentations, and networking opportunities. It is the perfect opportunity to present your company and your products and to make valuable contacts.

When it comes to world premieres, the eyes of the press, industry and target groups are focused on the IAA. The Summit provides the perfect stage for this, comprising familiar format modules such as press conferences, stage presentations and networking elements, in particular in the B2B sector. The clear focus allows new synergies to be generated and qualitatively valuable contacts to be made. The new hall layout likewise stands for a hand-inhand mentality.

Why should you be represented at the Summit?

Use the attention that you gain through your presence at the IAA Mobility 2021 among press and subject specialists and present your company at the Summit.


The IAA concentrates the combined know-how of the mobility industry in one location, setting the bar for future-orientated mobility.


The Summit is THE place for world premieres, innovations and announcements in the mobility industry. Use this platform to drive changes and introduce new trends with your products and services.


The mobility industry gets together at the Summit. Our concept offers you the best opportunities to get to know key players from the branch and make valuable contacts.


The Summit is more than a static trade fair. Look forward to our offers in the following categories – exposition, conferences, hospitality, working and networking – with exciting experience and educational formats.


At the Summit, established companies from all sectors of the mobility industry come together with innovative start-ups. Be there and experience the diversity of topics and attendants.


The summit is an attraction for providers or mobility solutions from across the globe. Take part and network with exciting international companies.


The benefits of the new exhibition hall concept

We are offering a unique experience. Our new exhibition hall concept combines offers from various categories: exposition, conference, hospitality, working and networking. In this way, exhibitors who do not fit neatly into a single category can be represented in multiple exhibition halls. As a result, your company will be presented as a part of the entire value creation chain.

  • The attraction of each hall is consistent across the board
  • The character of the Summit can be experienced holistically
  • All exhibitors are connected to the value-added chain in a holistic way
  • It allows for interdisciplinary networking

Engage with the diverse topics and subject matter of the Summit.


The Exposition provides the opportunity to present your company, your innovative strength and your expertise authentically. As well as renting exhibition space, there are other ways to get involved which we would be happy to personally consult you on. More information will follow on the website.

IAA Conference

The IAA Conference is a part of the Summit offering informative and participatory conference formats, making the broad range of topics tangible for all visitors. Mobility experts can apply now to be speakers for the IAA Conference in our Call for Paper. You can get more information here about our attractive participation opportunities, for example, speaker slots for our exhibitors' stage, as well as places in the IAA Academy masterclasses.

IAA Conference Brochure


To round off your stay we offer a wide range of hospitality services, places to retreat to and entertainment services.

Working & Networking

At the Summit, we offer numerous, attractive opportunities for concentrated work and productive networking. Book meeting lounges and coworking spaces for your meetings, or take advantage of our networking and matchmaking offers, including special events and app functions.


The Summit is open at the weekend for consumers

The Summit is the B2B meeting for the mobility branch. At the weekend it opens for consumers alongside the B2B audience and allows you to reach an entirely new target audience.

Which benefits does this give you?

  • Employer Branding: take the opportunity to present yourself as an attractive employer for relevant target audiences and get in contact with the talent you are looking for.
  • Technical dialogue: focus on communication with opinion leaders and communicate the position of your company on development fields and concrete technologies (beyond the communication of products)
  • Deliver solutions: present your innovative solutions and your ideas on future topics to an interested target audience.

The B2C-Area on the Exhibition Grounds

The interactive B2C spaces on the exhibition grounds are an addition to the Open Space and are located close to the Summit. You will find them to the east of the exhibition grounds, and they are characterized by thematically clustered halls as well as a large outdoor area. The ideal location for exhibiting products that are targeted at end consumers, as the large halls offer multiple participation opportunities, which are not possible in the city centre. Erect your own SIM Racing Station, offer e-bike test tracks, or demonstrate your aeronautical products in a space for flight activities.

This area is also open to B2B visitors with a Summit Ticket. Exhibitors in the B2B Summit have access to the Summit including its integrated conference formats.

Open Space - Mobility meets Everybody

Take tomorrow’s innovative mobility to where it will be lived – in the city. The Open Space will take place in the most prominent squares of Munich’s city center: Marienplatz, Wittelsbacherplatz, Odeonsplatz, Residenzhöfe, Marstallplatz, Max-Joseph-Platz, Königsplatz. In contrast to a static trade fair staging, dialogue and entertainment-focused elements as well as futureoriented products will be in the foreground in the Open Space. In addition, the showcased mobility solutions will be made tangible directly on site, whether on the Blue Lane or on micro-mobilty routes and courses.

Your mobility concepts at the best locations in Munich

In the Open Space, many exclusive, top-locations in Munich are available for your brand presentation.

Our central stage and a food court can be found on the Königsplatz, directly in front of the Propylaea. This is the ideal location for presenting products, portraying your vision and other B2C events. Additionally, the Königsplatz is also the entry and exit point to the Blue Lane, our innovative transfer and test track as well as the start and arrival point for micro mobility solutions on the Brienner Straße.


The Brienner Straße is the connection point between the Open Spaces. Here, you can present your micro mobility solutions in a highly frequented area and let interested parties test your products. Become a partner now!


The Odeonsplatz is among the most well-known addresses in Munich. Perfectly connected, it offers connections to public transport services and is, therefore, the ideal location to present micro mobility and individual transport. 


With its green spaces, the picturesque Hofgarten is the perfect setting to communicate topics such as sustainability, CO2-reduction, noise pollution, and alternative mobility concepts. It is perfectly suited as a start and entry point to test micro mobility. 




The Kaiserhof is available to you as an attractive exhibition space with historical ambience. You have the opportunity to present your products and services in a unique atmosphere. 



At the Brunnenhof you can create free installations and implement creative approaches to captivate visitors with your product range. Design your own interactive station in a breath-taking setting



The Apothekenhof offers the ideal start and entry point for test drives.


Bring your products and services closer to the public. Present your brand in the Brand Pavilion on a space curated by our team where the public can test your offers. From this central location you can set off on test drives straight from the stand. Take advantage of the opportunity to present your bicycle and e-bike portfolio on the Mastallplatz.


With a stage on the Marienplatz, we are offering a space for dialogue in the middle of Munich city centre to allow the exchange of views on societal, environmental, and political topics. Take the opportunity to participate in debates as a company or engage in topics as an individual.


The perfect addition to your brand appearance

Brand Pavilion

Unique brand experience in the heart of the city in close contact with customers. New staging opportunities in urban contexts. Bestow individual mobility experiences onto an entire city. Use the Brand Pavilion to increase your reach. Position your brand as an agile player in a changing industry. Reach interest groups and capture new target audiences. Make technology tangible and deconstruct reservations. Do not just demonstrate innovation, but inspire your audience

Additional & Off Locations

Use the Off Locations from our network of partners or our company-owned locations to present yourself outside of the IAA exhibition areas. Achieve a high level of media reach thanks to product placements, exhibition spaces, programmes in clubs, museums, cultural sites and in public spaces.

Stage Areas Königsplatz & Marienplatz

Dialog, Entertainment, here, everyone is part of the discussion, the learning, the sharing, the fascination, and the designing. In the heart of the city, you can transform customers, sceptics, and enthusiasts into your partners. Gain attention and new input. Present your products and your visions. Make your encounters leave a lasting impression with help from celebrities, testimonials, music acts and ambassadors.


Use the IAA Mobility Parcours to treat visitors to exciting test drives on location. A convenient connection to the digital services of the IAA app aid this. Dynamic Parcours tracks on the Brienner Straße or Hofgartenstraße provide the space to experience vehicles in various situations – whether car, bicycle or escooter. Present yourself prominently as a sponsor in our brand space or place your vehicle in the exhibition and experiences spaces for maximum interaction. Direct customer contact on location.

  • Ready to use: for unforgettable experiences
  • Traceable: measure your success
  • Target audience: hands-on formats for all interested parties
  • Enlightenment: foster the imagination, impart knowledge, and deconstruct prejudices.

Hospitality Suites

Become a premium partner of one of our hospitality suites and gain access to an exclusive location to meet with your customers, even those in the Open Space.

Blue Lane - Transfer & Test track

The Blue Lane connects the Summit on the exhibition grounds with the Open Space in Munich city centre. The 12 km lane is both a transfer route as well as the ideal test track for your products. Taking some of the most attractive routes in the city, the Blue Lane is the quickest way to make sustainable, future-oriented mobility an experience. The Blue Lane offers the perfect conditions to convince visitors of the advantages of your vehicle by offering exciting, real-life driving experiences.


Mobility on demand in 3 parts


  • Demonstrate your new vehicles and technology. The Blue Lane provides you with the perfect route along the autobahn and inner-city streets for zero-emission and high occupancy vehicles. The pilot project begins in 2021 and is set to become an established highlight in Munich.


  • Do you need to move quickly between locations? No problem – use the IAA metro connection between the Summit and the Open Space.

Micro mobility:

  • Participate and help shape a new, interactive mobility concept today! Secure a place for your products and excite your target audiences in the urban setting of the Blue Lane. Dynamic Parcours tracks on the Brienner Straße or the Hofgartenstraße provide space to experience all types of vehicle – from e-bike to e-scooter - in different situations.