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Break new ground with us at the IAA!

To help ensure the best possible preparations and a successful presentation at the IAA Mobility 2021, we have information here for exhibitors about the latest offers and the most important background material.
IAA exhibitor talking to a visitor
IAA exhibitor talking to a visitor

Become an exhibitor at the new IAA!

Only those who are ready for change can play a role in shaping the future. We are definitely prepared, and we are already thinking of ways to transform the IAA. What was once an automotive exhibition is now the international platform for mobility and B2B discussions. We present and create lasting moments at the same time, turning presentations into an engaging and ­emo­tional experience for our customers.

Anyone who is passionate about mobility and who sets the standards for the future of our industry will find an intelligent arena at the IAA MOBILITY 2021 – from companies and stakeholders to innovators, unconventional thinkers, and networkers. The event gives these people the opportunity to discover and experience innovative technology, to make sales, to exchange ideas with professionals in other industries, and above all to make new contacts.

We have already taken the first steps towards this future, and we encourage you to break new ground with us. Why not see for yourself how good our ideas are and become part of the IAA MOBILITY 2021?