Statistics Visitors and Exhibitors at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016

The 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles drew over 2,000 exhibitors from 52 countries who presented their innovations on the show grounds in Hannover. The IAA recorded 2 percent more visitors and occupied more space than it did two years ago: its 270,000 square meters represented the second-best result since the IAA Commercial Vehicles became a separate exhibition. This further underscored and consolidated the IAA’s position as the world’s most important trade fair for transport, logistics and mobility, and this was also reflected in the increased proportion of exhibitors from abroad, which reached 61 percent.

This IAA fully lived up to its slogan – “Driven by ideas” – as the leading trade fair for transport, logistics and mobility. The exhibition was characterized by an unparalleled dynamism with three major topics dominating: electric mobility, digitization and urban logistics. The entire commercial vehicle industry showed the IAA visitors its drive for innovation, its creativity and its pioneering spirit. All this was embodied in 332 world premieres and over 100 European premieres.

At the “New Mobility World”, these topics were addressed at congresses, on the LIVE stage on the open-air site, in Guided Tours, and during test drives in electric vehicles on the IAA grounds, so the visitors had the chance to experience them. This means that the IAA was an event offering something “more than just being there” – with more to experience. The New Mobility World opened up the IAA to new topics and turned it into the key forum for the major trend of connectivity and digitization in transport and logistics. The IAA thus underscored its position as the most important trade show for mobility that is far more than a “vehicle show.”


2016, the total number of visitors to the IAA came to 248,900. The share of trade visitors averaged to 87 percent of which one-third came from abroad; on peak days the figure climbed as high as 43 percent.

44 percent of trade visitors held senior positions. This year, managing directors and heads of department in particular visited the IAA in greater numbers.


The IAA once again showcased the whole value chain for commercial vehicles. The suppliers were especially strongly represented: half of the 2,013 exhibitors belonged to this group. Yet they accounted for an even higher proportion of the IAA’s world premieres: 72 percent of the 332 world premieres came from supply companies. And the manufacturers of trailers and bodies were also very visible as the second largest exhibitor group with their many innovations. Moreover, numerous bus manufacturers took part again.

This IAA fully lived up to its aim to be international, with exhibitors from abroad making up 61 percent of the total – which was another record – and occupying 42 percent of the exhibition area. The number of exhibiting countries rose to 52. The ranking of the top three foreign countries was again headed by China (19%), followed by Italy (12%) and the Netherlands (10%). We were pleased to welcome the first-ever exhibitors from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chile, Latvia and the United Arab Emirates and Thailand’s re-turn to the circle of exhibiting nations.