The demonstration area at the New Mobility World will present the latest commercial vehicles, services and assistance systems – live in action. Come and take part as an exhibitor!

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This year again, the IAA’s open-air demonstration area called the New Mobility World LIVE – an outdoor section the size of a soccer pitch on the exhibition grounds – will show dynamic and innovative driving demonstrations of all the trends at the IAA and the latest features of truck safety systems in road traffic. The spectrum ranges from rear monitoring systems and replacement mirror monitors all the way to turning assistants that detect other road users and inform the driver in good time.

Furthermore, the New Mobility World LIVE will once more showcase innovations in refrigeration logistics, digital solutions for maneuvering, and the latest technologies for securing loads. The demonstrations will be shown on a large LED screen and hosted live in both German and English. Selected demonstrations will also offer visitors a chance to ride in the driver’s cab or try out systems for themselves.

Highlights of the NMW LIVE 2016

Come and exhibit at the NMW LIVE 2018

The New Mobility World LIVE format offers exhibitors the opportunity of a dynamic supplement to their own trade show presence, so they can demonstrate their contributions to new developments in tomorrow’s world of logistics in action.

You will find further information online, at: and in the exhibitors’ brochure (download presentation).

Experience the latest commercial vehicles and trailer systems close up and live in action at the IAA in Hannover from September 20 to 27, 2018.
Visit the New Mobility World LIVE adjacent to Hall 26 daily from 9:30 to 18:00 h and take part in innovative demonstrations.