This is where technology firms, the automotive industry, service providers, cities, startups and disruptors come together to shape the future of logistics.

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Connected and automated driving, zero-emission powertrains, urban logistics, and new mobility and transport services are the drivers of change. For these five topics the New Mobility World provides a multisectoral platform for decision-makers and designers to discuss and present the mobility and transport of tomorrow – leading to a more efficient, greener and smarter future.

Urban space is the focus for challenges at the New Mobility World. As crystallization points for a large number of logistical innovations and challenges, cities demand a multisectoral approach – for alternative powertrains, for disconnecting usage, ownership and the payload, for better integration of various modes of transport, and for new solutions for the last mile.

With the three event formats EXPO, FORUM and LIVE, the New Mobility World gives you an extensive program of experiences.

SEPTEMBER 20-27, 2018:
EXPO is the exhibition area of the NMW. Experience brands, the newest products and services as well as meet future customers and partners.

LIVE, the outdoor demonstration area, lets you experience the road traffic of tomorrow.

SEPTEMBER 24-27, 2018:
FORUM will offer you a curated program over the course of four days and discuss the below topics, so you learn firsthand how digitization is transforming the mobility, transport and logistics landscape of today and tomorrow.

The Topics

Connected Vehicle

  • Connected driver
  • Connected vehicle
  • Connected load
  • Fleet management
  • Repairs & maintenance
Automated Driving

  • Congestion
  • Platooning
  • Parking
  • Resting Place
  • Loading ramp
  • Automated loading and unloading
Alternative Powertrain

  • Battery-electric powertrain
  • Fuel cell
  • Hydrogen
  • Natural gas/
  • Refueling & charging infrastructure
Urban Logistics

  • Last mile
  • Logistics hubs
  • Intermodality/
    combined transport
  • Local public transport/
    seamless transport
  • (City) buses
Transport Services

  • Infrastructure and platforms
  • Delivery services
  • Freight exchanges
  • Logistics and forwarding

New Mobility World 2018 – eight days of experiences, discussions, collaborations and celebrations.

By visiting NMW 18, you will be able to:

  • Discover the latest trends, solutions, products, and companies

  • Meet and hear from the decision makers of the mobility, transportation, and logistics space

  • Find new partners and benefit from synergies created across sectors

  • Leverage the international platform of the IAA to grow your business

  • Learn how digitalization will affect your business in the future


To visit the New Mobility World, you only need an IAA Day ticket. All tickets can be purchased in the IAA Ticket Shop.

From September 20-27, 2018, you can visit EXPO, the space for exhibitors, and LIVE, the outdoor demonstration area.

From September 24-27, 2018, you can take part in FORUM, the conference program of the NMW.

Take part in shaping the future! We look forward to seeing you.

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