Advertisement & advertising material at the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hanover

On this site you will find information regarding advertising opportunities and advertising material for the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018.

1. Advertisement on the official IAA-Website

At you can book a various range of banners in order to promote your company. The banners will be online for about six continuous weeks. Those weeks include time before, during and after the IAA 2018. Detailed information on web banners, i.e. the different types, display periods, pricing as well as the order forms will be available here from mid of April onwards.

For any questions or if you are interested please contact:
Phone: +49 89 90119-515
On behalf of the Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH

2. Advertisement in official IAA-Publications

The VDA edits a range of publications for the IAA. You can present your company in the following media:

Catalog (for exhibitors only):
Exhibitors can book a range of different advertisements or a bookmark in the Catalog. For exhibitors and co-exhibitors an entry in this official IAA-Catalog and other trade show media is obligatory. Further information, order forms for Catalog entries, and pricing will be available here end of April.

For further questions or in case you are interested please contact:
Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH
Publishing Services
Phone: +49 69 75 75-51 31

IAA Premiere-Guide (for exhibitors only):
As a special service for national and international journalists as well as exhibitors, the VDA publishes the “IAA Premiere-Guide” which includes all world, European and German premieres presented at the IAA. The IAA Premiere-Guide will be published on the press day (September 19, 2018) as a bilingual Anglo-German brochure as well as an online version. In June, exhibitors will receive a detailed email by the VDA inviting them to participate in the Premiere-Guide. Including your premieres in the IAA Premiere-Guide is free of charge for you.

For any questions or in case you are interested please contact:
Mrs. Nina Wendorff
Phone: +49 30 897842-131

Press information brochure (for exhibitors only):
Advertisement on the back cover/insert in the brochure.
For further information and contact details see Sponsoring.

Information sheet press conferences exhibitors (for exhibitors only):
Branding/logo on the front.
For further information and contact details see Sponsoring.

Please see section Sponsoring for further advertising possibilities.

3. IAA Communication Plus – Advertising possibilities for SME exhibitors

The Communication Plus service initiative of the IAA and its cooperation partner Internex Consultants + Communications provides an effective and innovative tool for communication relating to all aspects for exhibitors and their participation in the exhibition:

  • Video reports from your trade fair stand
    Exhibitors may present their company, its products and innovations in a journalistic format using words and images in a professional video report that will be shot at the company’s stand during the press days. The following day, the video will be posted in the section “video reports from the exhibitor stands” on the IAA website and next to the exhibitor’s entry in the exhibitor directory.

  • Online innovation tours
  • Animated online innovation tours of the exhibition grounds will be provided for the following up-to-date topics focusing on commercial vehicles:

    - Connectivity
    - Logistics
    - Automated driving

    Exhibitors may take part in a virtual tour at the IAA website on one or more of these topics. A pop-up window allows exhibitors to present their company and its products, and to post product photos, graphics and videos etc. Should none of the aforementioned categories match their products, exhibitors can also present their innovations in the section “Open Tour”. There is also a contact form that enables participants on these online tours to contact the exhibitor directly to ask questions or request and appointment.

  • Press service
  • Exhibitors from the SME sector often find it particularly difficult to attract media attention during trade fairs. Professional support can significantly increase your chances of having your innovations, products and services featured in media relevant to you before, during and after the IAA. To that end, the IAA provides a comprehensive offering to support exhibitors in trade fair-related press work. Specialists in trade fair PR from Internex Consultants + Communications can offer assistance and help implement the modules.

For further questions or in case you are interested please contact:
Internex Consultants + Communications
Dr. Eberhard Roloff
Phone: +49 511 780-99966

4. IAA-Sponsoring

At the IAA it is possible to present your company, not only through the classical advertising means but also by means of sponsoring activities.

The following sponsoring packages are available for all interested parties:

  1. IAA-Tickets (press & visitors)
  2. Lanyards for trade visitors, general visitors and exhibitors
  3. Handing out give-aways at selected entrances
  4. Branding of official IAA-W-LAN on the fairgrounds
  5. Evening of the Commercial Vehicle Industry September 26, 2018
  6. Web banner IAA ticket shop
  7. Lanyards for journalists including jackets
  8. Distributing give-aways or bags to journalists
  9. Press brochure: Advertisement on back cover
  10. Press brochure: Insert in the brochure
  11. Information sheet press conferences exhibitors
  12. Cars/Vans for organizational purposes
  13. New Mobility World 2018 (NMW 18)

For further questions or in case you are interested please contact:
Mrs. Bettina Heidemann
Phone: +49 30 897842-205

5. Advertising possibilities around the IAA-exhibition-grounds (for exhibitors only)

There are diverse advertising possibilities available around the exhibition grounds in order to draw attention to your stand and to your products, e.g. advertising towers, mobile advertising cubes, big banners at entrance doors, and XL-posters.

Further details are available here:

For any questions or in case you are interested please contact:
Mrs. Anke Robbers
Deutsche Messe AG
Phone: +49 511 89-31227

Mrs. Sabina Kroll-Behrens
Deutsche Messe AG
Phone: +49 511 89-31256

Mrs. Sanja Silovic
Deutsche Messe AG
Phone: +49 511 89-31107

Please note that all other advertising activities have to take place at your own stand and must not cause any obstructions and disturbances on aisles or adjacent stands. More information on this and other issues can be found in the „Organizational & Technical Regulations“.

6. IAA-Press conferences (for exhibitors only)

Press conferences must be registered with the VDA. It is necessary to coordinate dates and times with the VDA in order to avoid overlapping with press dates of other exhibitors. After coordinating with the VDA, you can lease rooms in the Convention Center (CC) via the “Shop”.
Please note: Press conferences may be held on Wednesday, September 19 (press day) and on Thursday, September 20, 2018 in the CC or at your stand.

For further questions or in case you are interested please contact:
Mr. Peter Mair
Phone: +49 30 897842-125

The dates of the press conferences are put together by the organizer in the bilingual German-English “Press information brochure” (s. also Sponsoring). You can indicate a firm representative, who is listed in this brochure as the contact person, in the Contact Person for Contact Person for Journalists form by editing your Catalog entry.
This service is free of charge.

7. IAA-Press boxes (for exhibitors only)

At the IAA press center press boxes are available for exhibitors to display in-house press information. VDA will charge 110.00 € plus VAT per press box.

Exhibitors may also publish press information on the official website of the IAA Commercial Vehicles ( The electronic press boxes will be accessible before the exhibition opens and will be updated regularly. The basic fee including one press release will cost 250.00 € plus VAT. Each additional press release is 50.00 € plus VAT and each photograph will cost 25.00 € plus VAT.

NEW: Furthermore it is possible for exhibitors to publish individual image galleries (mind. 3, max. 5 photos incl. text) on the IAA website. The basic fee of 300.00 € plus VAT includes 5 images. Each additional image gallery will be charged with 75.00 € plus VAT. Further details are available in the “Shop”.

Contact at the VDA press department:
Mrs. Ute Botterschulte
Phone: +49 30 897842-121

8. IAA-advertising materials for visitor promotion

You can order advertising material for customer and visitor promotion such as pins and posters at the “Shop”. Please note that the login details for the “Shop” will be sent out in the course of May 2018.

You can order the following items at the “Shop”:

  • Visitor Information Flyer
  • IAA poster
  • IAA pin
  • Guest tickets with individually designed imprint:
    Invite all your key customers, employees and visitors for an IAA visit by handing out tickets with your logo/your design on the front. The minimum order quantity is 5,000 pieces. Orders incl. coordination and approval are possible before July 2018.

For further questions or in case you are interested please contact:
Mrs. Bettina Heidemann
Phone: +49 30 897842-205