Dead end street

Sep 11, 2019 conference

Dead end street

Schedule 02:20 PM–03:20 PM
Hall 5.0 Stand Great Auditorium
Why we need a U-turn in urban mobility now...
  • Urban Mobility
  • Clean and Sustainable Mobility
  • MaaS

While in modern cities, elevators whisk you down at 10 levels per second, the solid lines of cars at the exit pass you by at a crawl. Urban mobility is now more than ever, everybody's business. With inputs from renowned research institutes, not-for-profits, and mobility providers, through to new approaches from OEMs who stand to be disrupted, this session will have you on the edge of your seat in mapping a completely new urban landscape.

Time & speaker Topic
02:20 PM–03:20 PM
Olivier Reppert
At the turning point: City mobility with less privately owned vehicles
02:20 PM–03:20 PM
Prof. h.c. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh
Smart City Traffic – New Mobility Concepts For Urban Transport
02:20 PM–03:20 PM
Carlos Tavares
The state of future mobility
02:20 PM–03:20 PM
Umberto Fugiglando
New mobilities: a data-oriented urban perspective
02:20 PM–03:20 PM
Stefan Hartung
Urban mobility - sustainable, safe, exciting!