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Press brochure

The IAA press brochure provides you with an overview of the IAA programme.

Terms of Use for the press brochure of the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2020

This brochure is copyright protected in all formats. No other use beyond this scope is permitted; like reproductions, duplications or disseminations and all other kind of use which not solely serves as information and preparation for the IAA 2020 is not permitted.

Conditions Of Use For The Key Visual IAA Commercial Vehicles 2020

The key visual is copyright protected in all formats. The VDA grants the exclusive right to IAA exhibitors and the press to use the key visual with no technical or visual modifications in the formats provided and only for the abovementioned purposes in print and online media as well as in moving image formats. No other use beyond this scope is permitted; in particular, no changes in content or graphical form, manipulation or addition to the original formats are permitted, such as the insertion of a hall or stand number, changes to the wording of the claim or the retouching of graphic elements, etc.. Furthermore, key visual formats may not be reproduced.

Please note that any misleading associations with the VDA’s official IAA communication platforms (e.g. IAA website, IAA app, IAA publications and IAA social media pages) are prohibited by competition law.

The IAA logo is a protected trademark. The independent use of the IAA logo seperated from the key visual is herewith assertively not allowed and requires a separate written agreement with the VDA.