General notes for exhibitors

To help ensure the best possible preparations and a successful presentation at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2020, we have information here for exhibitors about the latest offers and the most important background material.

Information about the hotel situation in Hanover

Berlin, April 9, 2020

We are all facing formidable challenges as a result of the prevailing situation. In a joint effort over the past several days, Deutsche Messe AG (DMAG), the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DehogA) and the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) have been hard at work to devise ways of enabling you to exhibit at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in September as planned, even in the face of dynamically shifting conditions.

In pursuit of our common goal, you have been receiving various offers from the VDA, and the association is busy laying the groundwork for quick and effective invitation campaigns to be launched as soon as the situation has improved and restrictions have been lifted.

We are therefore delighted that our talks were marked by such a keen spirit of collaboration and common purpose, one result of which is that the official cancellation period for hotel bookings made for IAA Commercial Vehicles is now potentially extendable to the end of May/beginning of June, 2020, subject to prior agreement between you, the hotel involved and DMAG. This gives you the time you need to continue following ongoing developments while at the same time moving ahead with your planned IAA showcase for this September.

Many exhibitors have taken advantage of options to cancel their hotel bookings on a free-of-charge basis, and many amicable agreements have been reached between exhibitors and DEHOGA member companies, Messe Selected Hotels and the room referral service operated by Hannover Marketing & Tourismus GmbH (HMTG). In this context, we wish to express our deepest gratitude for the hotel industry’s tremendous contribution to making this possible – a contribution that is all the more notable and commendable in light of the heavy burden now being carried by this sector.

We are well aware that a great number of possibly sensitive negotiations lie ahead as regards hotel bookings, tradeshow postponements, contractual terms and conditions and cancellations. In an effort to ease the process for all concerned, DMAG, DEHOGA and VDA stand ready to help orchestrate the ensuing dialogue in everyone’s best interests, jointly addressing any cases of particular hardship and working towards mutually agreeable solutions. For hotel rooms you have booked, if you wish to pursue an extension of the cancellation period as described above, then please first approach the hotel concerned and put DMAG in the communication loop. If you ultimately find yourself unable to reach a suitable agreement with your hotel, then please inform DMAG by e-mailing Ms. Bärbel Schaaf at DEHOGA, VDA and DMAG will then together seek to find an agreeable compromise between you and the hotel concerned.

In closing, please accept our sincerest appreciation for your unflagging commitment to exhibiting at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show. We wish you and yours the best of health throughout the challenging weeks that lie ahead.


Dr. Jochen Köckler                               Dr. Martin Koers                       Cord Kelle / Kirsten Jordan

Chairman of the Managing Board       Managing Director VDA            DEHOGA Region Hannover
Deutsche Messe AG

Extension of the cancellation period until May 2020

Berlin, March 30, 2020

The VDA has extended the currently valid cancellation regulations of the Exhibition Conditions until late May. We would like to take into account current developments due to the Corona crisis in the event industry.

We are continuing all activities to implement the IAA, which will take place in six months, during the second half of September. It is not yet clear, how the Corona crisis will continue to impact. The VDA, as the organizer of the IAA, will reevaluate the situation at the end of May.

In order to support your businesses in the best possible way, the VDA has decided on the following measures:

  1. We will send you your stand confirmations regularly from the middle of April, including location and size of your stand/s, so that you can continue planning to enable you to implement the next planning steps.
  2. The current cancellation regulation from before sending out the stand confirmations is going to be extended until late May. You can find further information in the Exhibition Conditions from point 34. This means you will not have any disadvantage due to the dispatch of the stand confirmation.
  3. The final invoice billing the allocated stand area (100%-invoice) will not be sent until the middle of June. Invoices that have already been sent will remain valid, including the date of payment.
  4. In communication with the DEHOGA in Hanover (=Hanover’s hotel alliance) we want to motivate the local hotels to be accommodating regarding your cancellation deadlines. Please understand, that this does not substitute the individual collaborative exchange between you and your accommodation, which is why there is no claim that you can invoke.

We hope that we could make a helpful contribution with this information and these measures and are sure, that the IAA Commercial Vehicles can send a positive and important sign of progress in September.

Current information on the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Berlin, March 20, 2020

The VDA is continuously monitoring the spread of the coronavirus in Europe, Germany and the federal states and makes a new and individual risk assessment for upcoming events every day.

We currently fully assume that the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2020 can take place in Hanover in September as planned. Together with the trade fair company, the responsible authorities in Hanover and Berlin, and the exhibitors, we will advise you on how to proceed, and in case the situation assessment changes significantly, we will inform immediately.

Registration of your co-exhibitors

Berlin, March 2, 2020

We would like to remind you that all other companies presenting on your stand have to be registered as co-exhibitors (e.g. companies for financial and leasing services, cooperation partner, manufacturers or sim). They will be mentioned in the official catalogue, on, in the app and on the hall drawings and in the electronic visitor information system "EBi".  For registration of your co-exhibitors please also use the online registration form, menu “Co-exhibitors”.

Registration of co-exhibitors is free of charge until the dispatch of the stand confirmation (presumably from mid of April). Please note, that due to item (12) of the Exhibition Conditions application for co-exhibitors will be charged with a fee of 850 € plus VAT each if sent after stand confirmation.

The registration of additional exhibitors for joint stands will remain free of charge even after stand confirmation.

Please note: The price for the obligatory entry in the trade fair media for all exhibitors and co-exhibitors will be 295 € plus VAT each (also for companies on joint stands).

Advertising opportunities

Berlin, January 6, 2020

Effective marketing both on-site and online is part of any successful trade fair presentation. Highlight your brand and utilise the IAA’s offline and online channels to optimally reach your target group. Benefit from the many different types of advertising as you design your marketing campaign and reach your individual marketing goals. Please find our offers here.


Updated version of the Organizational and Technical Regulations

Berlin, December 19, 2019

To support you in the best way possible with the preparation of your trade show appearance, all important information for organization, planning, stand building, logistics and handling are summarized in the "Organizational and Technical Regulations". It is the central reference book for all questions about organization and planning of the IAA.

Organizational and Technical Regulations

Changes as well as important notes and rules are specially marked in grey. Please note the following points in particular:

  • the information about the shorter opening hours on the 1st Press day on page 6
  • the additions for the implementation of evening events from page 18
  • the modifications of the technical requirements for closed ceilings from page 27
  • the new time slot for the placement of exhibits on pure display areas from page 51

Please forward the regulations to the companies planning and building your stand.

The digital document will be updated regularly until the beginning of the event.

Unofficial exhibitor directories

Berlin, October 31, 2019

Publishers of unofficial exhibitor directories target exhibitors in the run up to trade fairs, offering to provide them with entries in inferior, sub-standard online directories. Their terms may stipulate long-term obligations to pay several thousand euros – which are generally hidden in the fine print. Well-known examples are the directory "Expoguide" and the "International Fairs Directory". Letters and forms of these two online directories are shown here.

As the organizer of the IAA Cars and IAA Commercial Vehicles and publisher of the catalogue of IAA exhibitors, the VDA points out that we have no contractual connections of any kind with any of these publishers.

AUMA (Association of the German Trade Fair Industry) has been advising exhibitors concerned regarding unofficial exhibitor directories. AUMA has documented several hundred cases of unofficial entry offers for exhibitor directories. The information provided by AUMA aims to make exhibitors aware of the illicit activities of the publishers of unofficial directories and to provide assistance to the exhibitors concerned. We wish to draw your attention to the homepage of AUMA.

The production and billing of your official and obligatory entry in the exhibitor directory and other trade fair media will be carried out by Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH. To edit your entry, please use the login data sent to you after the start of May 2019.