me Convention @ IAA 2019

From Sept. 11 – 13 the third me Convention will be held during the IAA 2019 in the Festhalle and at several other locations in Frankfurt. The three days of the Convention, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz and the South-by-Southwest Conference (SXSW), will be chock full of keynotes, workshops, discussions, mentoring sessions, workshops and seminars on topics in the areas of science, society, economy and the planet-earth habitat.

The me Convention sees itself as a supplement to the IAA Conference and as a "future lab" striving toward a better world of tomorrow while focusing on subjects such as artificial intelligence, infotainment, alternative powertrains, solutions for climate change, smart cities and the sharing economy. The event invites participants to let themselves be inspired by the new ideas and mental momentum provided by big-name experts. The successful premiere of the me Convention took place in the Main metropolis only two years ago, in 2017.


A classy line-up of speakers

The conference program features a selection of international speakers and a large number of workshops at which ambitious young German innovators present their ideas and creations. The speakers who have already accepted invitations include Laura Dekker, the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the globe single-handedly, and the top surfer Léa Brassy. Both will be talking about personal borderline experiences and other things. The international filmmaker Martha Fiennes will provide insights on the new vistas being opened up in the cinematic art by artificial intelligence (AI). The documentary filmmaker Jeanie Finlay and the special effects expert Delroy Reid will give the audience a glimpse behind the scenes of an international cult series in their film Game of Thrones – The Last Watch, which has been nominated for the Emmy. Further information on the speakers is available at

An exciting and eventful program

What does our future look like? This question has fascinated us as long as the human race has existed – only if we know what lies ahead will we perhaps be able to control the situation. But what if we simply state the question a different way: what should our future look like? And what can we do to make this happen? From drones and DNA hacking to residential projects on the moon and the restoration of nature: this year's program looks toward a better future and ways to get there. And does this from a large number of impressive perspectives. It can be called up, starting immediately, at

Reserve your all-inclusive ticket now!

With their personal ticket, participants can take part in all activities scheduled during the three-day me Convention. Besides admission to the daily program, the me Convention badge entitles the wearer to travel free of charge on public transport in Frankfurt, attend the IAA, attend all evening events and enjoy the drinks and snacks on offer at the "urban hot spots." All of this costs only 350 euros and can be obtained in the online shop at Students can obtain a ticket for only 75 euros. There are also reduced rates for groups of 10 or more. Additional information is available at or directly from the event organizer.

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