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Only those who are ready for change will play a role in shaping the future. We are taking a new approach by creating IAA Conference, the leading platform for creators and thinkers, decision makers and stakeholders of future mobility.

In a nutshell.

Building on the success of NMW FORUM and IAA expert events, we bring together the greatest minds from all over the world, from industry to academia, from policy makers to visionaries.

We will discuss how automation and connectivity, sustainable power and propulsion, smart city solutions and Mobility as a Service will drive our way to a more sustainable, inclusive and convenient mobility. These megatrends not only change how we get about, but also how we live, work and interact. As such, IAA Conference’s scope reaches significantly beyond mobility.

We invite you to debate these and more topics to come in panels, develop joint solutions in workshops, and present innovations to fellow trailblazers, unconventional minds, and people who are simply keen to expand their knowledge.

Join our “must attend” forum for decision makers, pioneers, and future visionaries in Frankfurt in September 2019.

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