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Driving the global debate about mobility and beyond: our topics range from automation to urban mobility, from user experience to global order. Thought leaders from all backgrounds will present their ideas, debate in panels and find solutions in workshops.

Program in a nutshell.

 At IAA Conference, we put a premium on diversity – we cover a wide range of topics, strive to incorporate different viewpoints and favor formats beyond mere presentations.

Within our tracks on automation, connectivity and mobility-as-a-service, we focus on digitization and how data, unparalleled computing power and real-time connectivity spark human ingenuity to make our future safer, more integrated and smarter.

In our track on clean and sustainable mobility, we tackle two of the largest issues of our planet: climate change and air quality.

Our track on urban mobility combines aspects of data-driven smart cities, clean energy solutions, all against the background of our desire for better living in ever-growing cities.

Beyond mobility, we dive into new work, the future of international cooperation and how to bridge the gap of what societies want and consumers choose.

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