Statistics visitors & exhibitors of the IAA Cars 2015

The 66th IAA Cars held in Frankfurt am Main from September 17 to 27, 2015, recorded more visitors, more world premieres and more exhibitors than the IAA two years before. It attracted 1,103 exhibitors from 39 countries and 219 world premieres, which enabled it to further expand its position as the leading international trade show for mobility. The number of exhibitors was the highest since the turn of the century, and with 60 more world premieres than there were two years ago it was able to present a wide range of innovations to its visitors.

This IAA had been characterized by the connectivity and digitization of mobility, and fully lived up to the claim that “mobility connects.” The IAA is unique in reflecting the entire automotive value chain. Around 400 suppliers had presentations, and 98 of the 219 world premieres came from suppliers.


The total of 931,700 visitors to the IAA was over 50,000 up on the number at the IAA two years ago. This corresponds to a rise of around six percent and is the best result for eight years. The visitors to the IAA are becoming younger. The average age of the IAA visitors in 2015 was 34 – which is far younger than the average for the German population. The IAA was therefore able to refute the claim that young people are losing interest in cars. The international nature of the IAA can be seen not only from the journalists and exhibitors but also from the proportion of visitors arriving from foreign countries. At 17 percent; just as many visitors came from abroad like two years ago. The share of foreign professional visitors also amounted to 17 percent. Of the trade visitors, 32 percent were in managerial positions. The relevance of the trade visitors remained constant: over two thirds of them were involved in purchasing and procurement decisions in their company.


With the highest number of exhibitors since the turn of the century and a consistently large total exhibition area, the 66th IAA Cars was the highlight of the international automotive calendar in 2015. The number of exhibitors totaled 1,103, just exceeding the final count from 2013. A closer look at the firms exhibiting shows that the IAA remains a leading international trade show: 40 percent of the exhibiting companies came from outside Germany. The number of countries represented has climbed to 39. The country sending the most participants was once more the People’s Republic of China, at 16 percent of all foreign exhibitors. The suppliers once more formed the largest exhibitor category and therefore made up the core group of exhibitors. Over 400 exhibitors from this important area were represented at the IAA. The producers of parts and accessories, which are often small and medium-sized enterprises, accounted for 37 percent, i.e. more than one third of all exhibitors.