Tamy Ribeiro

Chief Evangelist & Head of Partnerships
Wunder Mobility GmbH

Zur Person

Tamy founded her first company at the age of 22 and sold it later to Grupo Trend, a part of CVC corp, the largest travel and tourism conglomerate in the Americas. After 13 years of experience in online travel, Tamy moved to mobility when she joined Wunder, helping the company to identify opportunities and partnerships that amplified its expansion from 1 to over 100 cities. Tamy is also a member of the Board of Innovation of 2A, the VC of Group JCA, the union of 10 transportation companies, responsible for the movement of almost 100 million people per year.

„I'm excited to join IAA this year and discuss what are the actions that we are taking to pavement the way for smarter transportation with so many outstanding leaders of the mobility industry"“

Tamy Ribeiro

Chief Evangelist & Head of Partnerships, Wunder Mobility