Inma Martinez

Venture Partner
Deep Science Ventures

Zur Person

Inma is an A.I. Scientist, Tech Pioneer and Venture Partner at Deep Science Ventures a venture-focused science institute where entrepreneurial scientists explore solutions to world’s challenges. An industry recognised digital visionary Fortune and TIME have described Inma as one of Europe’s top talents in human engagement through technology, and FastCompany labelled her a “firestarter” for her pioneering work in the development of digital technologies. In 2018 she was listed at #1 amongst “The Top 10 Women Changing The Landscape Of Data In 2018” by Enterprise Management 360 (USA) and among the “50 A.I. Influencers” by Cognilytica (USA).

„The future of humankind is to solve problems via creative approaches while machines handle the force brute computation that our brains were never meant to do.“

Inma Martinez

Venture Partner, Deep Science Ventures