Gion Baker

Vodafone Automotive

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Gion Baker joined former Cobra Automotive in 2008 and took over the responsibility for the telematics business three years later. In this role, he launched innovative projects with global vehicle manufacturers. Since April 2017, he is leading the automotive team and defining a long-term transformation strategy for Vodafone Automotive as CEO. He has responsibility for executing this strategy and delivering innovative telematics services and products to new verticals in addition to the automotive and insurance industries. Gion holds a degree in engineering from the Technical University of Zurich and an EMBA from Zurich Business School. In addition to his native German, he is fluent in English, Italian and French.

„The future of mobility will only happen if we re-enforce a strong collaboration among all participants of the ecosystem. The IAA Conference is a great opportunity to share visions and execution plans.“

Gion Baker

CEO, Vodafone Automotive