Elke Roth-Mandutz

5G Project Manager
Fraunhofer IIS

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After graduating from university, Elke Roth-Mandutz worked as a systems engineer for GSM and UMTS in the field of mobile communications at Alcatel-Lucent in Nuremberg. While pursuing her PhD at TU Ilmenau on the topic “Self-organized energy saving in LTE-based mobile networks”, she also worked as a lecturer at TH Nuremberg and TU Ilmenau. After completing her PhD, she started working for Fraunhofer IIS as a project manager and research engineer in the area of 5th generation cellular network technology (5G). Her focus lies on the 5G standardization work on vehicle-to-everything (V2X), which specifies techniques for communication between vehicles and vehicles with a communication infrastructure.

„Looking forward to shaping the future of autonomous driving using 5G V2X technologies“

Elke Roth-Mandutz

5G Project Manager, Fraunhofer IIS