Dr. Michael Haberland

Founder & President
Mobil in Deutschland e.V.

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Dr. Michael Haberland graduated in 1996 in Business Administration at the LMU Munich and wrote his diploma thesis on "Conservation of Mobility". Between 1997 and 2007 he worked in the automotive industry in Germany and abroad. Since then he is running his own business. In addition, he made his doctorate in 2009 on "Competitive Advantages in the automotive industry.“ In 1992 Dr. Haberland founded the association "Mobil in München e.V." as interest group for mobility and infrastructure in Munich. In 2009, the club was renamed and restructured in Mobil in Deutschland e.V. and today it‘s a fully-fledged automobile club with about 10.000 members. Then and now applies: "The driver should be allowed to decide how, when and where he is mobile."

„The car in Germany has always been the transport vehicle No.1, it is the transport vehicle No.1 and also will be the transport vehicle No. 1. This is the mobility, which will be requested from the majority of people and numbers do not lie.“

Dr. Michael Haberland

Founder & President, Mobil in Deutschland e.V.