Christian Adelsberger

CEO & Founder
Parkbob GmbH

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Christian acquired his master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Innsbruck in 2000. After a few years at the Technology Consultancy Accenture in Berlin, he joined the start-up UCP. He took over the Business Development agendas and moved 2005 to the Vienna headquarters to build up the Content Services Department. In this role, he worked with companies like Skype. The initial idea for Parkbob was born by a personal experience and was developed from that point. He is driven by the wish to combine all the competencies acquired in the previous roles in his own company. His vision is to create a disruptive service that will positively influence daily life quality of a broader audience.

„Empowering Citizens to shape the future of shared mobility through AI“

Christian Adelsberger

CEO & Founder, Parkbob GmbH