Prof. Daniela Bohlinger

Head of sustainability design, BMW Group
BMW Group

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Design was always my passion. Creating and exploring, asking questions to understand the world better for a living, even better. The field of design is giving me the opportunity to get an active part in shaping the future. As working with sustainability in my professional work ist something, which gives me real pleasure. Also working at the University in Sweden as a professor of practice is bringing so much value to my work and to education so to the students. My live is a lot about consciousness and responsibility. Living a sustainable life is enriching and enhancing not only me but also my environment and helping shaping a more sustainable future is something worth changing. I truly believe that if everybody is just doing as much as they can contribute, it is a huge impact -just because of the potential of power. I studied up to the Master of Industrial design, lived and worked international, practicing as a professor in Umeå, Schweden, act as a keynote speaker to share the knowledge and experience I received over the last 20 years in the fild.