Dr. Carl-Philipp Rosenbusch


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Dr. Bernd Rosenbusch (48) is the CEO of the Munich transport and tariff association (MVV GmbH) since October 2018. After studying economics at the University of Mannheim and receiving a PhD in Mannheim for the studies about the ASEAN, he started at Deutsche Bahn, the biggest railway company in Germany, in the department for strategy. After two years he was announced head of the department for tariff and trade for Deutsche Bahn Regio, the short-distance traffic branch of Deutsche Bahn. In 2006 he changed the position as the head of marketing at Deutsche Bahn Regio in Bavaria. In 2010 he in addition became managing director of a commercial establishment in Bavaria. In 2015 he changed the company to a subsidiary of Transdev, the Bayerische Oberlandbahn /Bayerische Regiobahn. In his function as a CEO he was working for three years.   The main aim of the MVV is, together with all transportation companies, the integration of all different ways of public mobility, generating a single fare system for using all modes of local public transport and offering the customer a real time traffic information. As being a public owned incorporation, the MVV is also in charge for tendering the regional busservice in the MVV area outside the city of Munich. The MVV GmbH was founded as one of the first transport and tariff associations in Germany and has now about 100 employees.